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    I wish there was a way to block comments on here lol. like when people leave comments to everyone on their friends network



    Donna, really?! that makes me feel like I’m not going crazy. I would put money on this pregnancy.I probably shouldn’t say that, oh well.. I’m pretty sure I was a week late before I found out with my little girl too. Thank you for telling me that.
    DiSmiley, going to check that out now! You ladies are the best!



    Figures, no one is around while I sit here!! 🙂



    Hi ladies! I’ve been reading but not time to comment… BD BD BD. Lol!! I think I’m 2 dpo now based on CM and OPK. I think I’m going to BD one more night just in case:)



    BFP… oh my gosh!!!!



    No problem mariesone! Most of what i have learned has been from the ladies here ! Nurse25–I usually start tempin the day after af. You don’t really get a sense of when in your cycle u ovulate until you’ve gone through a few cycles of charting. You usually want to start BDing on the days leading up to ovulation, not just on ovulation day…i guess some like to BD every day and others say every second day is best for hubbies sperm. The easiest thing to do is once you notice fertile cm (wet or ewcm) is to go for it. But bbt will help inform what is going on; once you’ve ovulated, at least you know that you’ve covered your fertile period.



    Starburst…the test line would not show up unless u had a certain amount of hcg in ur urine! So yes ur eggo is preggo lol planned parenthood is a good idea!



    Good luck donna!!!



    Tmg – my son was born on 21 dec 2009 – best present ever 🙂 he was 2 days early so think he wanted to make sure he was here for presents from Santa 🙂



    ok just a questions, i am due to O around the nov. 10-12 not sure when yet, i am having a HSG done on the 10th. does anyone know if that would mess up my chances this month..



    12dpo! Whoo hoo two days away from finding out for sure! Altho i have this weird feelin im not preg and in about a week or 2 (delayed cycle from m/c) im goin to get a mega period *sigh* still at the in laws, goin home tonite and hopefully get to the store so i can test tomorrow at 13dpo! Baby Dust to all!!!



    lol marieseon – ur not dumb, i also asked questions like that at 1 point! lol



    oh someone remind me again why I want another? lol DS is sick and very clingy and whiney today. Well I guess with the pos. this am I don’t really have a choice lol Oh wait I remember why I want another cause those smiles I just got melt your heart!!!!



    Well Im now 13 DPO and I will be testing on Saturday when my Husband and I get back from hunting. I am trying not to think about it and get my hopes up but I thinks its too late for that. LOL Im just trying to concentrate on shooting a big buck if I see one. Im such a little redneck HAHAHA



    Hey Mom2Be, I responded to your question – I’ll repost my answer and your question again (it was a few pages back) maybe you’ll get another response or two 🙂 Sometimes the board fills up and you have to repost!! ———– My response: Hey Mom 2 B – I got preggo with baby #1 after coming off birth control pills. Doctors may prescribe a few months of BC to help regulate a period and get the uterine lining back to a ‘healthy’ thickness to prep for a pregnancy. While on the BC, you won’t get preggo – unless your doctor advises you just take a week or so of pills, then come off and hope to ovulate. It seems there are two schools of thought on the pill and fertility…. some women seem to have decreased fertility after the pill (especially if you were on it a long time), some increased. As for the fertile CM – maybe all the estrogen from the pills jump started an egg – you very well may have ovulated! BD and take a test in two weeks! 🙂 Good luck!
    ———- Your Question: ————-i have a question for u ladies hope u can help.well i have a 2 year old baby and in jan.5 i got my period and lasted 2 months..2 months can u belive.. well dr. prescribed birth control pills to get ride of my period the prescription was 4 a day for 5 days worked by the second day it was gone..for me to get prego i have to take clomid..i dont ovulate after my period..but this month i had my period april 8, and iv noticed a whiteish clear liquid,discharge with no oder..can that be that im ovulating and maybe i can ttc this month with out clomid..some one told me that some women take birth control to get that true…help im only 23 and dont know much about all these…….thanx

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