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    mahikan my son who is now 2 and a half also fed a lot and he still does x guess he just has a large appetite xxx



    Good Morning my loves!!


    hey ladies, i used this site for my first pregnacy but i never been on this ttc forum before!!! so im offiically ttc as of a few days ago!!! so hopefully i will get share this journey with a few of you girls if we get a BFP at the same time!!! lots of babydust to you all x



    Well diane…i did O on cd9 last cycle and an on cd7 rite now so maybe i will O early again…i had planned on BD this wknd if the bleeding had stopped but im just nervous that if i do get preg again so soon something mite go wrong…



    Just watching the episode of Friends where Rachel is having Emma. AAAARRRGGGGHHHH I want a baby so bad!!!!



    Awesome Diane! I have the same problem, u probably saw in my blog but the doc said even 5 pounds can help you O. So what have u been doing to lose weight? I’m just cutting portions, and when I really feel like having something sweet I eat the sugar free fat free Jello’s damn good for something with fake sugar!


    how many of you are taking Folic Acid?


    Cpalmer DS has been in full time school since the age of 3 he is 5 in 14 sleeps as ds says. I miss him when he is in school but after a wk of school break i wish he was in school lol – i cant win



    Morning ladies, how r we all? I felt really sick this morning, foned in sick to work, tbh I’m too tired to go anyway lol but I hate fonin in sick, I always feel like im doin something bad lol



    to turn a flash off there should be a button with a pic of a lightning bolt on it…keep pressing it until it goes off ( will get a circle with a line sorry i must sound



    Before i leave for week four i just want to tell you how much help and support you’ve all been to me and that whilst i know we are delighted to see others get there bfp’s it always gives us a tiny pang on envy. I will be praying for you all that your journeys to the bfp isnt much longer. X. Sticky baby dust and lots of love to you all! I will be looking in on you from time to time x. X x


    Aww, you ARE stressing! Let go a little (Iknow, I know) and relax. AF will come, and you and DH can BD like crazy just for the fun of it! Heck, if you do it every other day for 40 days you can’t miss!


    marie- The only time in my life I had charlie horses was during pregnancy. Four days late??!! Geez, why haven’t you tested yet? BTW eat bananas.



    Good Morning Ladies…..Took 2day off. Took a test this morning and nothing. I swear I saw some lines, but it was 4 in the morning so I was most def trippin. My temp took a big dive this morning, but still over my coverline. I’m hoping for a late implantation. What’s weird is this morning I have no symptoms so far other than a backache. My boobs aren’t even tender this morning. I mean this is the cycle after m\c but damn does it have to be so weird? My last cycle was like that very long and very wierd. Did I really have to get another one….lol. I do have irregular cycles and I was gettin usto those, but I don’t like weird ones.



    sking – you sound like me…i have been feeling sick for no aparent reason (like throwing up sick) and have been peeing alot but like you said…could be in my head! This is our first month of ttc…Im so nervouse (7dpo at the moment) and cant wait to test…Oh I hope I am pregnant….good luck and baby dust to all! xo

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