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    lol k, weird, hope its a good sign!! 🙂



    Woah… so I am reading that some of you say to BD just before ovulation for a girl and at ovulation or just after for a boy. What is this?!? I didn’t know this trick. Please fill me in. We would really like a girl since we already have a boy. I would be happy with another boy since I already have so much boy clothing haha (but we conceived our 1st mid April so who knows if they will even be the same size when we get pregnant again). I thought it just had to do with the sperm… gender wise. Fill me in on any tricks for a girl!! 😉



    I’m just curious if anyone is on the same cycle as I am… AF came 19 Aug. and I cycle every 28 days. I have one son who was born in July of 08. I’ve never ‘tried’ to get pregnant before, so hopefully this goes well. I wish all of you ladies good luck!



    supermama801 I was feeling the same way too I took a test when I was over a week late I was so happy to see AF yesterday and I dont think I have ever been that excited to see her before



    cherry – LOL! D is obsessed with the dishwasher. As soon as you open it he’s RIGHT THERE! Same with the bathroom. He likes to unroll all the tp. This may be tmi, but I go with the door open since we’re here by ourselves all day and I amuse him by handing him one square of tp at a time and he takes it from me and walks over and throws it in the trash. We do this over and over and over again. LOL Crazy! Okay, I’ll stop talking about my kid on the ttc board now…



    Taylorttc- thanks for reply. i have had no blood whatsoever, just some pink white mucus that i just put down to maybe period, but iv never had it before, so hoping its maybe some form of implantation, as have heard it can come in this form andaround time of period, i seriously keep going to the loo just to check if im bleeding, i even wear a pad just in case, cuzx i have a fair bit of cramping, that only seems to get worse at night and makes for more of a rubbish nights sleep! this is 2 days past when AF was due, and this is the first day in the past week, i havent felt utterly exhausted at about 2-3pm! my back however is aching now, but (sorry if this is tmi) it maybe cuz i have just tried to go to loo and for the 1st time in a long time i cant go! urgh, if this is stress playing tricks, im gonna be so wound up, i broke down a few weeks ago, cuz normally my periods are SO SO painful and heavy and after not using any control for past few months and still getting these painful heavy periods i had it in my head there must be something more rong with me and unable to concieve full stop. i hate this! ppl say to try and forget but its so hard and with cousins and members of fam all expecting this year it kinda makes it more prominent in my mind!



    Avenue, what is your cycle length? If you have a 28 day cycle, then you are 5 weeks (36 days) pregnant and will turn 6 weeks in 6 days. If you have a longer than 28 day cycle, than this estimate will be off by a few days.



    bex – FX for you!



    thanks k 🙂 i had a blast !! i love weddings lol and ive just been so busy i havent had time to worry about anything TTC related and its goin sooo fast!



    trying4no2 – I think I’m in exactly the same spot! Af is probably going to show up tomorrow. 🙁



    Sazauk. Don’t stress hun, I never used to cut tahlia nails coz I was to scared, my mum cut them once when she was little and nipped her finger.



    Hi ladies- hope ur all doing ok. I’m 2 days past my d&c- and find myself crying whenever I put ds down to sleep… I know I will get past this, but right now seems so hard…ob said to wait 1 cycle to try again- so does the day of the d&c count as cd1? I’ve read conflicting things…


    :/ sorry to hear senior…..def. retest in a few


    I talked to my mom about me getting a bfn this morning and told her I’m probably testing a week early because my period is so weird lately and she made me feel so much better! I’m going to wait another week and test again. PLEASE SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR ME!! Thanks kadies!



    Dressing up babies is much fun, I admit it! I can see why some young girls are so drawn to wanting kids because of the ‘dress up’ factor… I just hope the ‘reality’ factor that this ‘doll’ poops, spits up, cries, bites, has tantrums, costs thousands of dollars a year to maintain and will need you 24/7 shocks them into waiting – lol!! No offense to young moms out there who take on the responsibility – I’m not looking to start a debate!! But you know what I mean – you see the 13 year olds on the Maury show holding baby dolls saying they can’t wait to have a real baby.

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