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    Encouragement* not courage



    I’m about to post my pointless OPK pics so far :0P



    Soft cups by instead. You get them in the same spot as tampons and pads. They are supposed to be used for your period but hold the sperm in after sex. It’s like a ring and it’s very hard to reach after. Hence the spoon 🙂



    thanks girls. i don’t know what it’s normally like i think it’s pritty minimal now it’s farly abundant and white i have only been tracking it this month. sorry to hear that tahliasmummyandttc :o(


    hey ladies just wanted to stop in and say congrats to the BFP’s and ***hugs*** to the AF’s n BFN’s … i had totally given up and wasnt going to try again until october or november back in august but then come sept and my af was a no show which resulted in a bfp so remember ladies , forget about ttc when ttc’ing LoL bcuz it comes when you least expect it . i was actually beginning to think i would never get pg but now i am and i am happy even though it still doesnt seem real to me yet . lots of sticky baby dust to everyone !!!!!



    Thanks Ladies : 0 )



    Congratulations on your engagement Nicola! That is lovely news to hear 🙂 Gemma, thankyou! Its good to have you back. I still keep up with the goss in here so I’ll still comment from time to time 🙂 I hope you have a lovely time at your wedding and honeymoon! Good luck, wouldn’t a honeymoon baby be wonderful for you! Hello everyone else, Wishing you all baby dust xxx



    I am just doing the waiting game now til i can take a test…the soonest i can test is like 12 days from now…i think



    i-wanna-be-a-mommy : thats great… when is your AF due? I dont want you to test to early and be disapointed for no reason 🙂
    I went and bought 5 tests so im ready 🙂 it was in my checklist to do today in one of my apps 🙂 I got 3 cheapy dollar ones and the EPT 🙂


    Member Abi that’s so strange…how early was AF? When i was pg for my DD, the implantation bleed lasted one day like that…and only 1 day early than expected. could it be??
    @lilpigz…BRB…gonna go poas…



    Still sending baby dust to all those waiting on there BFP’s 🙂


    how long after dpo should you pee test?? I have been doing it everyday (more cuz I obsessed) but really does anyone know when the ideal day is?




    I just had this too. It is a pregnancy you detected with hpt’s before your af was due but failed to grow and then your af came when it was suppose to or withing days. Most women don’t know they are pregnant but with today’s sensitive tests, they detect a lot earlier.


    Shawnajones- i have no experience but im sorry to hear you’ve had such trouble on your ttc journey! You are in a great forum with some amazing ladies and hopefully one of them can help you. Welcome and baby dust to you

Viewing 15 posts - 117,046 through 117,060 (of 131,346 total)

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