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    Gatornay- without knowing more of your temps and/or CM is would be hard to know for sure if you ovulated. You did have a temperature shift but it is right where it shows that you ovulated. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.



    turtlefur thats the only problem ! lol you wont wanna leave when ya get your bfp lol!



    5 dpo and just had some pretty serious cramps, sorta like AF cramps btu she’s not due for 8-10 days..



    LOL, TBT!! I remember people talking about the shuttle method before now I’ve read it! I’d rather get a BFP then run the risk of not getting one at all because I was thinking I may have more of a chance of getting a girl by stopping BD two days before O! I am still so excited my OPK came up a little bit dark! YAY!



    Well…looks like CD1 for me today. Turns out this months cycle decided to be 28 days after all. How did I cope? I got a new phone. LOL I’m kinda sad since everything (or so I thought) was timed out just right…but DH is just happy there’s a chance we might have an ‘NHL’ baby. For those of you who may have missed my post a few months back…my husband has made it known on a few occasions that most NHL hockey players are born the first three weeks in January. Convinced that IF we fall pregnant this cycle we will have a girl lol. Well…round 6!!!



    so..I’m late, latest I’ve been in the 14 months charting on fertility friend. day 33, usual AF is day 29, max was day 31. All HCGs are negative though:(…I suddenly feel for those of us who have odd/long cycles. It really burns up your pregnancy tests because fertilty friend keeps telling me to I always wait til 13 DPO to test too, usually AF beats even that. I guess i’m still surprised at what TTC teaches me…just when I thought I experienced everything (took 5 years to make my son)…this happens. It’s made me stronger and made me understand what even more people go through, it’s given me empathy for even more of God’s children:)



    Yey, Amanda!!! Maybe this is the start of a chain of BFP’s!!!! Congrats!



    amy – You’ll be fine, hon. *hugs*



    went to the ER because I wasn’t feeling good and also had to take ds they did a pregnancy test but said they couldn’t tell me either way because the line was there but so so faint. they said this could ahve been ebcause I provied so little urine, I thought they would do a blood test so had peed not too long before that. my temp also sky rocketed today.. so here is to hoping.. we’ll see will take an actual test sunday cuz then i’ll offically be late.



    LMAO Alicia….the BDing is pretty good though no!? lol



    Hey ladies! Im new on here but was on here with my last pregnancy! My AF was due yeesterday but never came. I took tests this morning and were negative but I feel pregnant. The last couple days ive been tired, crampy, moody, urinating frequently, and constipated. Could I still be pregnant and get a false negative after AF is due?



    @ ballerinagirl welcome hope you have a short stay followed by a healthy happy 9 months. Its not just your hubby most men think one shot is all it takes, hope he’s right this time though



    Kzorn, waiting is so hard to do. Keeping you in my thoughts and I hope you get good news. DH at work and DS dropped off at my in-law’s house as I work in the morning. Did some cooking and cleaned the kitchen, now I’m dying to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. Instead, drinking a glass of water and eating an apple. Trying to do everything to maximize my chances, which means I’m eating healthier, cutting back to one coffee a day, and cutting out alcohol except for special occasions. I know it seems drastic, but I figure now that I’ve turned to fertility drugs, I need to do everything I can to make them work. Plus I’m only a short time away from stepping it up to IVF, which will cost us upwards of $10,000 for the first try. I figure it’s worth the sacrifice to hopefully avoid having to go down that road. CD13 today, which is only 4 days since my last clomid pill. Ovulation is supposed to be 5-10 days after it. Figured I would start testing today just to be safe. Took a test then wandered away to do some housework with the intention of checking back 10 minutes later. Well, fast forward two hours instead, so the test has dried up and isn’t as easy to interpret. The lines look about equal, so I may be getting my LH surge earlier than I expected. I would be ok with it, except like I said, hubby is working tonight and I work tomorrow morning, so our earliest opportunity would be tomorrow to BD. I’m seriously considering calling in sick to BD in the morning.



    Hi, Well my AF was due 11 days ago and have done a Â1 test but was a BFN. Thought I had a sign of AF coming last week but that only lasted an hour. I was meant to be seeing my Doctor tomorrow but they called me Friday to cancel. Its now Tuesday next week. I think im going to get a Clear Blue test today. HOPE I GET A BFP!!!!



    I know how you feel colby! A blessing and a curse FRER are so easy to get our hands on. Still keeping fingers crossed for you. Caniacmom, same thing happened to me and I just sat there in disbelief. So hard when you want something so bad, but at least you get into your drs. So quickly!

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