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    i wa seen a week an ahalf by a docter
    an said i am perfectly fine
    an hcg is at 0
    but ill go back an check again



    I think it’s safe to say AF has showed. It took a while and some prodding, but she’s here!



    Hey Ladies-Went to see the doc today and he prescribed me pre natal vitamins to begin taking in preparation for TTC. I have been taking folic Acid now for 2 weeks in preparation as well. My MC is irregular so I had the doctor calculate for me when I should BD and basically I will BD on the 12, 14, 16th, and 18th just to be safe. Hoping that by Nov 29th I will have a BFP!!! Wishing good luck to you all as well!!



    lovinlivin – I don’t really understand people who feel the need to comment on other people’s choices such as the number of children they have. It’s such a personal thing, and I don’t see why anyone would not be overjoyed to welcome another child into the family. After all it’s not them doing all the work, they can just enjoy the good bits! I hope you’re successful and have another wonderful bub to complete your family 🙂



    geez. i only noticed my lines get dark on sat and sunday and no bd’ing went on! maybe i still have a chance today?!



    Hello everyone. As of a couple months ago I experienced my third miscarriage. All 3 between 5-6 weeks…We took a 2 month break, but are now trying for number 3. (Blessed to have 2 boys; 5 and 3 yrs old). My LMP was June 19th. I am hoping and praying we get pregnant and have a baby by this time next year. Good luck to everyone!!



    whats the longest your cycle has ever gone alicia?


    Hi Ladies! I am once again on the TTC side of things… my story is on my blog! Anyone else out there going thru the IUI process?



    took one dpo 10 and it was bfn I think I am too scared to take one worried about another bfn, but the plan is for tomorrow.



    myangel af was due yesterday for me n no sign as yet. just tested agen with frer after holding urine for 6 hours n it was BFN 🙁 im now on cd30 n 14 or 15dpo really hate waiting it out. did have spots of bright red blood few days ago so thought af wud have been here by now guess it just wants to play games with me x


    Hey amber!! We must be all as crazy as each other having one year olds and trying already for the next one hey! So glad your little boy is well. I love being a mommy. Can’t wait to make a sibling for Kai!!



    Yay! So excited!!! Definitely a BFP! 11dpo and two clear lines.woot woot!



    I just had a blood test today. Results Friday morning



    Ok someone please talk sense to me! I know that I am not pregnant. (Ok dh and I did slip once around my fertile period so theoretically it could be possible) but I keep having that nagging feeling in the back of my head. I am at least 10 DPO and af is due no later than Thursday. Personally I think it is the desire to be pregnant. I think it is little things that are fuelling it, like my testing heart rate, tender bbs (not as sore as last time, but I can not lie on my tummy because of them), the occasional nausea ( on and off yesterday) and tmi but my cm usually starts changing by now and it hasn’t yet! All of these though can also be signs of af coming or not feeling well, so trying not to worry about it. Sorry just needed to get this out



    Blood test was negative. I’m going back on the pill to get regular because this is ridiculous. Mirena probably screwed me up.

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