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    Ryder – I would try an FRER. I really don’t have a reason, but I know it would make me feel better. I guess the ratings are good on the Rite-Aid, Target, and Walgreen’s brands too (all the same brand just packaged differently). I picked up the Rite-Aid one for my next test next Monday but I have a FRER in the drawer too to confirm:) Good luck! Baby dust!!!!



    Good morning ladies.. hope you are all doing well! AF is due tomorrow and I still have NO cramps like I normally do.. but my BBs are finally starting to feel more tender so i am sure AF will be right on time–boo! LOL But at the same time I almost feel like I will be a few days late since my BBs are only just now starting to hurt and they ALWAYS ALWAYS hurt for one week up until the day AF shows and sometimes for a day or so into it.. we will seeeee



    im getting slight cramps…and im 11 dpo and my temp went from 98.4 to 97.97 you think its implantation or af coming?



    well if u ladies are keen and have facebook feel free to add not a freak or stalker ahah
    [email protected] is my email
    and my name is ashlee shier 🙂



    12dpo and my boobs still hurt and i feel sick but the left side twinges are one its more like just lower abdominal twinges and my pelvic and hip area are still cramping im sore down there and i havent done anything so idk why thats like that….my headache still wont go away……i feel hot but its in the 60’s here and freezing….



    Nic – never give up until AF rears her head… and even then, I have to be full flow before I’m convinced! lol



    This is my last cycle to TTC before Jan. Since we will be apart most of December and into Jan. Hopefully i don’t miss Jan too, otherwise no more TTC until Feb :/ Really crossing my fingers this cycle is it!! goo dluck ladies! and grats to all the preggy women!



    I need to step it up a notch Ruby – I’m at a point where diet and the exercise I have time for just are not cutting it anymore. I have not gained, but I have not lost anything in a few weeks. I’m hoping with the warmer weather and Sebastian walking that I’ll get more of a workout! 10lbs to go 😉



    Ive been on the pill well over 5 years on estelle usually comes on the 4th day sometimes on the 5th day but cm is still white which is weird usually changes to a light brown and then period starts…



    Holy moly!!! Congrats Diane I am super excited for you!!!!!



    mrs miller- Missed your earlier post. Did you say you had bfps followed by bfns? What were your results at the doc? I tried to read back, but couldn’t find your comments. That happened ot me when I had a chemical pregnancy.



    diane: yes and I do BD every other day



    thanks emma! weegee what a weird dream. I dreamed a while ago, that I took a test and it was BFP but I read the pack and it said that it was an OPK and HPT all in one. And out of 3 possible lines only 2 showed up and i just cudnt see if it was BFP on an OPK or a HPT. I was so frustrated!


    mornin ladies, how is everyone.


    Mrs. Miller…I’m sorry

Viewing 15 posts - 117,331 through 117,345 (of 131,346 total)

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