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    Hi girls. I tested again this morning after getting a very, very faint second line yesterday morning, and this morning I got an even fainter second line. I’m thinking I should probably wait another few days before testing since I’m still in TWW, and on CD29 today. Or maybe it’s just my mind oplaying tricks or a shadows I see on the dipsticks. Anyway, congrats to the bfps this week! Xoxo



    it kinda is but not really, you may have been pregnant for like a day or two enough to make a hpt positive.



    @girl from ab Thank you so much for the warm welcome!. I had a prophetess tell me that I would be pregnant by March and go on to have a healthy baby and that ‘he’ wil be in my arms by Nov of 2013 so fingers legs and toes crossed. MAJOR BABY DUST TO ALL!!



    ((HUG)) thebigtomato ((HUG)) Eeyore!


    Hi ladies after three bfp on first response tests today we went to the doctors office to confirm my pregnancy and sure enough I am PREGNANT!!! Everything is looking good i feel tired,bloated,nausea in the morning and my nipples are killing me other then that i am good, 5weeks today 🙂



    I have been TTC #1 for 67 months. No that is not a typo…over 5 1/2 years.




    I’m going to have hubby do a photo shoot for me later, featuring my lovely Snuggie – pictures will be posted 😉



    novemberbaby – why risk it? Better bd to be safe rather than sorry!!
    rolosgirl – it’s possible. It’s not over till AF shows her ugly face. good luck!!!
    terriann – sorry to hear your levels are low. Sending positive vibes your way x
    As for me, we’ve got one shot after this cycle finishes and then we have to hold off TTC until May as we’ve booked a holiday in December to New Zealand and I don’t want to be in labour on the Cruise Ship or too heavily pregnant.



    Oh GG, I am miles away from genetic counseling, I don’t even know when I would be able to get in. Where I live, seeing a specilist is not just a matter of making a call. The wait time here is rediculous. Yes, Canada may have universal healthcare, but not everything is free, and I might have truly entered menopause before I see a genetic counselor or a reproductive specialist! My Ob is going to make some calls to see what she can do (doctor Brown, I love you) but I’d say I might be waiting a year. In the mean time, I have decided to look into accupuncture and some more diet changes. A friend here advised I read ‘The Infertility Cure’ – so Santa is bringing me a copy for Christmas 🙂


    My mother swears by them (5 kids later) I will def try equate as days go on without AF. Thank you!



    1st time, I got pregnant with my son the cycle I came off the pill. It’s hard to say if you are more or less fertile after a baby, because there are many women who fall pregnant easily on baby #2 (or more) and some who take years for #2. Everyone is different. I seem to have no problem getting pregnant, I have a problem staying pregnant, but I guess I’m fairly fertile – but again, everyone is different. If your cycles are irregular, then I would wait 10 to 14 days from the slipped condom incident to take a HPT. (PS: I got pregnant in September after a slipped condom, but it was not a viable pregnancy – but you can certainly get pregnant after a condom malfunction – all depends on when the egg got released, as it’s only good for 24 hours).



    Racho this has happened to me before it was classed as a missed period but wasn’t pregnant it happens very rarely hoping in your case that u are indeed pregnant in my experience I wasn’t 🙁 x



    seans- is the toddler bed bigger? SOmetimes its just harder to adjust. I have heard of people tucking noodles (the foam ones you use in the pool) under the fiited sheet to make it more snuck on the sides



    Ugh!!! My temp today is back down below what I thought was my coverline!!?! Now I don’t know if I’ve ovulated yet at all. Today is cycle day 18 for me and I used an app to track my cycles for most of last year in preparation for TTC again. My cycles can range anywhere from 30-40 days so it’s very confusing. I’ve had periods of lots of white discharge, then nothing, then returning…my temp has risen, then fallen. So confused. I guess I’ll just continue to have sex until I’m sure. My husband will be happy but I’m not…I’m sick!! 🙁 The last time we had sex was Sunday night. How accurate are those OPKs? I may have to pick one up today.

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