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    Bloods wont be back until next week, Tuesday I think and I have the u/s on Wed. then I’ll go back to the Dr on Fri, so she can compare the two. It would be really nice to get a BFP in the meantime, but don’t like my chances. I might just go and buy me some FRER’s. CD 42 and the last lot of fertile CM was on CD 30 so you never know???



    cpalmer, I’m sure I would’ve given some kind of dagger-stare at dh if he’d have said that I LOOK pregnant, too. lol! But you know, the idea makes me smile. 🙂 It means he’s really sort of hoping for it too, you know?



    has anyone ever leaked white fluid from their nipples a few days before getting AF? shes supposed to arrive three days from today and the past couple days i’ve been leaking this fluid…



    boyoboy – OMG!! He looks so cuuuuute!!:) He has such a precious little face! What a handsome boy! 🙂



    Hi everyone how are everybodies nights going… congrats to BFPs and pink-stork I’m praying for you…. no AF for me yet… since I have crazy cycles always have there is no telling where I stand.



    hey ladies, how is everyone today?



    Lol damkat!!!!



    is there actually anyone still on here?


    Member those dreams are a really cruel joke our minds play on us! Had one last week, except I had 3 lines on my hpt, and the box said it meant twins,lol. I wish, sad to say it, but I would take twins now just to make up for lost time and spare any future TTC insanity:-)…..So my cramping yesterday didn’t result in AF last night. I am 15dpo and still bfn. Im thinking I didn’t O when the OPK said. I thought it was odd it happened 2 days early, as I am like clockwork. So I am now just going off my typical 14 day O, 28 day cycle, and Friday will be cd29 and considered late. What a pain in the a** this is,lol.



    stop drinking…you dont want diluted urine!!! I’d say at least two hours with no fluid intake.



    CD 1 for me ladies…



    dont count urself out yet happy! its still early, u could be having implantation now?? it aint over til the big fat red lady sings!


    Tickle, I tried it last night. It took FOREVER, and it was still a BFN. And it caused irritation. I won’t be doing that again, but it was worth a try! Haha. I locked the door, because I couldn’t risk DH barging in while I was doing THAT and hanging out with my Glamour magazine. Can you imagine?



    loopy…thats so exciting…when are u going for ur first GYN visit?



    dawn- on FF once O has happened, and you put in your symptoms/CM etc it will start to compare the data with people who have got a BFP and had those symptoms at the same stage. You only get it when you are on VIP though.

Viewing 15 posts - 11,746 through 11,760 (of 131,346 total)

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