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    I can hear a little voice from the deep! Someone is not going back to sleep, it is 4.45am here. Oh well, better go get her!!!



    later gator 😉


    @moschops- I didn’t temp at all this month bc we kinda decided mid-cycle to start, but I will definately be doing that next month if no BFP!! I am addicted to this site as it is, what’s one more website to check on all day 🙂 lol…



    alright girls I’m off to get dressed; have a banana; go walking and then grocery shopping



    i am going to hold out till the day af is due i dont have any hpts in the house to keep my POAS in check



    Semper – lol – that was officially the shortest rant ever 😉



    that’s funny..the last couple of days I have just wanted to sleep including now!!!! But i should get up and moving got a few things i have to do today



    Brandy- it took us 5 yrs of trying to have our son. God will bless you in his time when he know its best. It was a long hard wait but I try to look at all the positives. So many people were happy for us…I think we realize how lucky we were too..and found out on Christmas day:)..other little things like we already have 10G saved in his college. Fund n he’s only 28 months:) and we have 2 houses and gret jobs etc..we were ready..I’m glad about the wait now. Open a 529 and do other planning..your baby will come..keep praying



    I posted this earlier… don’t know if anyone can help… if not no worries just feeling a bit down…Ok, so I really have no idea when I am Oing! I thought it was coming on last week as from tues I had aching for three days and my cervix was really high and soft (in fact I couldn’t feel if it was open because it was high) It was high all over the weekend and even yesterday morning. I haven’t noticed any EWCM although I did get an increase in CM. I checked again last night and it felt low and hard. Now I have checked again this morning and it’s high again!! Urgh! Any ideas ladies! I can’t really even guess how long my cycle is! It’s been all over the place but we have been BDing every other day at least! oh and just to add I had stretchy EWCM about 10 mins ago when I checked. I’m not sure if this is (TMI) baby batter left over from this morning (10 hours ago and showered since then) or if it is actually CM!



    HEREINPARADISE – POAS = Pee on a stick! i had to look it up lol



    thanks semper and no 7dpo is the earliest u can get ur blood test so u should be good!



    Just waiting for AF to arrive today. Took my last test this morning 14 dpo bfn of course 🙁 feeling fed up



    biziemom…I have a picture on him on my page. I heard everyone knows everyone in Killeen



    Really??? I’ve heard it wasn’t safe. That would be awesome if it was…


    Um coffee!!! Lol have fun C hope this weekend will make u feel better : )

Viewing 15 posts - 117,886 through 117,900 (of 131,346 total)

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