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    Good luck damnkat! So sorry Alicia! 🙁


    I also have a stuffy yet runny nose 🙁



    Mommy some people just don’t get dark test lines I know I didn’t with either one of my pregnancies.



    Janet, don’t worry about the weight loss. I lossed weight w/ my pregnancy. All said and done, I only gained 3 lbs. My baby was healthy. She weighed 6lbs 1oz.



    FX lilpa!!!!!!


    Man you guys are posting like crazy I had to go back 6 pages to get cought up from yesterday afternoon!!



    Ksnow – I heard that was just a myth! Agape – ekkk 🙂 Hopefully it turns into a BFP!!!!! 🙂 For me its CD89 and time is creeeeeeeepinggg!!! I hate this! OPK’s still very negative! Can’t wait for my positive!! 🙂



    i dont kno about how many dpo i am in…lmp was 25th im having slite cramping and headachs…thats all



    Hey ladies u have a question for those of you using wondfo opk. Do u have to wait 30minutes after collecting ur urine sample to dip ur stick or do u just do it right away? TIA



    Sarahd, did it go away postpartum?



    Hahah I totally know what you mean! Really hoping this is our month…I am month #3 and I know I really shouldnt be complaining because thete are a lot of other fabulous ladies that have been trying for so much longer! I just cant wait to be a mommy! Its so rewarding, demanding, stressful, loving, etc…and I cant wait to experience it all!!



    yah, those things make me nervous too, delete anything that is too good to be true



    Ok ladies going insane…NEED 911 HEEEEEEELP!!!!. ok so my October period was a little funny acting….I started last month on the 18….my periods were on a 25 days cycle…but anyway….it lasted almost two weeks. I took one birth control pill to stop the bleeding because I wasn’t able to be with my husband….my periods only go for three to four days so it wasn’t normal for me to be on that long….so with all that said it brings me to be confused this month because I was expected to start the 12 going off my 25days cycle but didn’t so I took a home prego test on the 14 came back negative….the 18th has passed so should I retest or just wait the month out until af comes or SHOULD I……UGH.!!!!!….I’m thinking af is a little off because of my October period…ugh….WHAT TO DO WHAT TO THINK!!!!!


    tarajo – that is awasome!! Whata great time of year to have a baby!!



    hey lovelies, darn its hot here today the lovly sun is def out in australia and we are coming into summer man its gona be hot wen we fianly do get to summer.. anyway yeah day 13 here just poas 1am and 7 pm at night awaiting that big second line to start bding.. well in my mind it will be.. gyno app went well. plan is 2 months of ovulation testing to test the folicle def did rupture and then if its good we go onto ivf… kinda hope maybe somthing is wrong so we can try other things apart from ivf just now.. but either way we will get me pregers lol.. anyone else day 13 ish..

Viewing 15 posts - 117,991 through 118,005 (of 131,346 total)

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