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    Miss, it could be, again, you’re kind of in limbo until you you can confirm things with more tests, especially blood work. I know the planned Parenthood clinic is 1/2 hour away, but it might be worth just calling for an appointment.



    Ok so i went to the toilet b4 sorry if this is TMI but when i wiped i had like brownish streaks in my CM and atm its like EWCM. Im on CD 11 and i think i could of O early this month as 2 days ago i had rly bad cramps. Could this maybe just be old blood or something else. Atm my nipples r killing me so not sure if thats associated with O or not they have never been this painful b4. Any ideas



    your welcome mamadear 🙂 jst keep testing, its hard, cos you always think its never gonna go pos, but if you keep testing it should – i dont think they work for me, cos i tested right up until cd 19 & didnt get a pos, i may have Od late but ran out of OPKs by then, but jst BDd anyway to make sure lol i hope your goes pos soon 🙂 goodluck



    Well I’m 10 DPO and this morn I wiped and there was abit of pink blood. I have no cramps so idk if it’s possibly AF turning up early since I’m not due til Thurs/Fri. I have a liner on but it’s clean. Idk wat to think atm. Also have like a blood taste in my mouth well that’s wat it seems like. Was hoping this would be my month but I’m not sure now.



    hi ladies quick question i had very bad cramping on CD 23 (all i can imagine it to be is ovulation pain) i have longer cycles then most. The question is would i have ovulated on that day or 24-28 hours after. Trying to work out what days past ovulation i am. A bit like when u use OPKs and get a positive result u expect to ovulate 12-24 hour after …thanx ladies xxxx



    Good Morning all! I won’t be posting much as today I am in school intil 2:00pm. So i catch up with everyone until then babydust to u all!



    anyone ever take clomid have implantaion bleeding? and or pass blood clots? i am 4dpo and experiencing a little of this and took clomid. so im curious if I am just starting my next cycle really really early, having random midcycle bleeding? implantation bleeding, or maybe a miscarage… im not having any cramping or lots of bleeding.. its really light, I have a panty liner on and im not making any marks on it.. a little bit of light pink /and or brownish when I wipe.. and once I had a nickle size blood clot pass when I pee’d.. so im way lost here..
    If anyone has any ideas can u post on my page please.



    Good luck myboys!



    Mine was just kinda wet the whole time leading to af… sorry bout tmi… just I kept feeling the need to dry myself or something. Now I’m back on the trying side of things since af left a few days ago. Although I did notice yesterday and barely today like almost thick/clotty white stuff that was tinged a little brownish like old blood. what’s with that? Only like once or twice a day after wiping and like not much at all. Was weird since af left like sunday



    Sorry it submitted early!!!!!!!

    Hpts. I have no s/s other than loose bms, which I had early in when I was preg



    i tested on CD28 and BFN but have had symptoms since CD20 so i’m hopeful but hesitant



    if it helps at all and gives u a bit of hope, my sister was pregnant and she knew she was but didnt show up on a home pregnancy test for 2 weeks!!!!!! so there is hope. as for me, i am due tomorrow. its my birthday today and we have just come back from a morning at the beach. gota love south africa



    LOL at Leah



    Hi ladies! I’m finally in my 2ww now too:) So I think I O’d yesterday or today. I have dental appts tomorrow and Friday… do you think the numbing agents will be okay if I am about to be preggers? I know it’s a long shot but I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt a brand new baby.


    I peed on my daily stick.. BFN.. BUT I really should not be peeing till th e8th.. just checking to see if it registers before that.. I addicted to pee sticks .. HELP

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