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    thats my plan diane!



    So excited for next week..DH is having semen analysis on Monday..i getting blood work done and then the following week having an HSG. So hopefully we’ll get this ball rolling after TTC 14 mo. Im kinda nervous about the HSG has anyone had one that can tell me what it’s like?


    I just got off the phone with PP and they said that there tests are medical grade and 99% accurate. Im nervous.


    donna…I know I made the mistake and told a few people….



    10DPO and a BFN, dont think i’m pregnant, and for some reason I am not upset at all. maybe it was a ltitle to early to test but…. i’ll test again a in a few days. either way BFP or BFN i’m okay.

    Diane – Sorry to hear about AF


    So frustrated…I’m really worried to see my bill from my ob since my bill from my regular dr was 1000 dollars because my insurance co called it a pre-existing condition..nice. It’s under review right now but everything is just a frickin code.



    Good Morning!! How are my ladies this morning!?


    naom..not sure . I would wait 2 more days and if no AF then maybe implantation bleeding?



    Yeh I hope they do to. At least urs went up 😛 I havnt even had any ewcm yet im not even sure if I have ever had it I havnt taken notice. What kind is it when it leave white on ur undies haha



    Hey Cav welcome I am in the 2ww wait also AF is due 11th Nov x getting anxious to test now x



    Thanks Diane…..



    congrats girls



    Question Ladies is it possible to have a clear stretchy mc after April 16 and 17 OPK test positive? Does that mean I am fertile again?



    Thx ttcour1st…..i tried last month with CBFM and i did bd a day before and day off OV so i think thts probably why i missed out. It sooo hard trying to get oh to bd alot as they are tired from work and lo as well…..any ideas how to sweet talk them, av tried the food….



    If something really odd is going on, and I go back to my 2nd last cycle, I would actually be more than 5 weeks pregnant now, and due on Dec 28. Argh – I’m just going to give up trying to firure it out and just wait for the blood work hCG, and hopefully, soon, an u/s to clear things up.

Viewing 15 posts - 118,351 through 118,365 (of 131,346 total)

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