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    omg…..DH crashed the car this morning and instead of calling the police to report it he leaves the car there and goes to work because he had to open the store so the owner of the broken fence called the cops and they came to his job and now he has 3 fat tickets and a court date….urghh we have full coverage but the gut towing the car wanted 150 up front for towing it 2 blocks wtf….we have no money and hubbys job is 40 miles from home idk what were gonna do…..i swear he is such an idiot sometimes i can you not think to report an accident all this crap coulda been prevented



    Diane: No he doesn’t want he said he is ok because he had kids before with previous wife (yes but long time now ; boy is 21 and girl is 14) but I have an appointment next friday I bet you he will go with me.



    LOL alaina, ill need to try & hold out, think iv got about 15 tests, maybe, thats internet strips & iv also got 1 cb diggie sitting in my drawer, all sparkly & dying to b used :p lol


    oh, and i am so sorry that AF came to visit you Browneye….i hope that you get that BFP soon!!!



    alaina698~ I sort of quit checking my cp because my cervix could change from one moment to the next. It was so confusing. This last month I finally gave up on checking and I finally got my BFP!!



    Hi ladies 🙂 just managed to semi-clean my apt lol its 35 degrees in here and im cold? haha last time that happend i was prego wit DD! ah heres hoping…



    crazyf no not yet………iv been good this cycle! lol! only cos i Od late so i know if i am pg it wont show yet……..i think even testing on mon will be too early……but i dont think ill be able to hold off any longer lol



    wow you have been a chatty bunch, Diane temp was back up to normal this morning (yay!) Baby dust to all


    GoodMorning Ladies!!! How are all of you!! Im am great lol. We are having thanksgiving with the hubbies family today, so im exceited i LOVE thanksgiving food! MM i think im going to start making it all througout the year seriously.



    I would be due between Feb 1st and 3rd



    Helluva maybe implantation, sounds good!



    Hey, good news (just a little bit) I think my body is cranking back up again!! Had my second AF in 12months last week, due to only BFeeding twice a day now. And the body seems to be following it up with CM! First time in nearly 2 years!!

    Well, we will see how we go. Don’t know if we can afford with without lieing to the government, but I want another baby before I get into ‘TOO LATE’ territory.



    Emma – I’m so sorry. Keep us updated on what happens next. It sucks when these things are dragged out, how are you supposed to get over it when things like this happen. Thinking of you.


    Hope your feeling better soon Cherry !!



    P.S. Hubby must be really ill 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 118,366 through 118,380 (of 131,346 total)

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