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    Also…I haven’t been in the mood to babybooge…or to eat…its like I just haven’t been myself these blast few weeks….ugh and real massive head aces….just crazy….dont know what all of it could be…I’m assuming the heat its been hot out here on Fresno….



    Ah, the age limit I knew would be a hot topic (We need the ladies from ‘The View’ to hash it out!) I think we just have to agree to disagree on topics like these, because each case is individual, and different. It’s rare we have anyone under 18 in here actively TTC anyway, so it’s just to cover the site legally in the rare occasion it does happen. Several months back there was a 15 year old in a very non-ideal situation looking for help TTC – I think that is the situation that the site is trying to prevent.



    mommyof1ttc – I know where you’re coming from. My son was conceived 2nd month trying (miracle as I’m doing self insemination). I am now onto my 12 month and gave myself a time limit of 2 more goes. Bet I don’t stick to it. It’s hard when the first one was soooo easy. But unfortunately, it’s quite common for the second one to take longer. Don’t give up hope. I also think now I know too much, over think every little bit. I think I liked it better when I didn’t know a lot and just used my OPK and just did what I had to. Keep chin up and maybe just enjoy BDing and not be so padantic about every little bit. We are all here for you :o)



    I spy 😉 One of the other gals who was taking a progesterone pill to bring on AF had to wait 9 days after the last pill for AF to start. If you get to 10 days with no AF, then see your doc for another dose or maybe an FSH blood test. Good luck jjs!



    That’s the thing I’ve never had O pain ever either, ewcm i get but not usually streaky. I’ve always been on the pill so I’m unsure myself. 3 out of my 4 pregnancies I was caught on the pill so obviously I was still O whilst on it but never had pains


    hey ladies sorry I havent been on in awhile things have been really nuts I will post a blog on it on monday…. I miss you girls CONGRATS on the BFP;’s nad STICKY BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!



    Congrats to those who has BFP!! August, it’s def possible! Most likely u didn’t have enough Hcg hormone to get a pos test! If ur worried test again but don’t be surprised to get another BFP!!!



    I am cd37 of a 40 day cycle. I may test tomorrow.


    Trying really hard to wait until the 31st to test, as I’ll officially be late then (if I’m late at all), but don’t know if I’m going to be able to hold out. One test tomorrow morning won’t hurt, right? 🙂



    Morning.. Today I feel sick..UGH



    Good luck myboysareeverything! I hate this cycle, it’s my first one since giving birth so I literally have no idea when I’m supposed to ovulate or if I will! My old cycles were 32 days and would O around cd17….well today is CD15 for me and my cm is still just dry/sticky, no ewcm! I’m starting to stress over here, what if I’m not even fertile yet?! I forgot how stressful ttc was, yes the bd’ing is fun, but when you just want to be pregnant right now it is not as much fun….



    don’t you hate that :oP this last month was such a struggle everything seemed to get in the way of my/our BD/TTC



    Ahhh! Now I am getting po’d!!!! Lol!

    When I was early on pg with my son. Yesterday I had sharp pains on my ovaries. Would come and go very fast. Never been late like this! I know a false negative is super rare especially being 5 days late but Idk what else to think! Anyone have any suggestions /ideas?!?!! I know some women, although rare, never get a bfp until 3+ months or never at all…again, I know its rare, but maybe, just maybe I am one of those women? Lmp was 9/2, average cycle is 23 days but usually 22 or 25. Longest cycle this yr was 28days back in may. So either way I am late!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!! Calling my ob on Monday!!!!!!!!



    Hang in there – I got a BFN on AFs due date



    Hello ladies, I am new to this site and am trying for my first baby. I am currently due to ovulate today and am hoping to find support from you ladies who have been through this or are currently going through the waiting game. My partner and I have done the deed all this week so am hoping this month is my luck. If so then I would be 12 weeks on 24th Dec 🙂 what a great gift it would be for us and my family. Wish me lots of sticky baby dust please xx

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