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    So I went for the follicular scan today and I have 6 small follicles on my right ovary and 6 small follicles on my left they were only able to measure two on my left the others were to small. I will probally have to go back next week and see if they have grown and how many I have then. But either way its better than last month I only had 4 and only two or three of them were good ones so I should be able to get something to stay and grow since I am starting with 12!!



    POAS Party tomorrow!



    so going crazy right now. I’m 5 days late for AF and have taken two test but bother were BFN so i called my Dr. today to have a blood test but can’t get in until the 28th of the month. she said it’s also possible that i didnt’ ovulate this month so that is why AF hasn’t showed up yet but if that is true then we should keep trying this month but how can i figure out when the best time is since i can’t count from AF and i may do all this and be pregnant anyways. What should i do????



    Hey ladies (and gents), I want to get your personal opinion on something. I’ve decided to start TTC, the only problem is, is I’m not in a relationship with anyone. I don’t want to be in one. The ones I’ve had before have gone badly, as have others in my life such has my parents. I’ve seen what divorce and custody battles can do to a kid, me being one of them.
    So, though I don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone, I do want to be a mother. I can do that. Pregnancy, having a baby, raising a child. THAT I can do. Relationships, not so much.
    So I decided to start looking into Artificial Insemination. I’ve calculated in costs, risks, facts, and the whole nine yards.
    My question, what are your experiences with artificial insemination if you’ve done it? I know I want an anonymous donor and I want to do home insemination.
    Also, what are some of the stuff that you need to do before TTC like this?
    Sorry for the long post. I’m just really curious and excited. Baby dust you you all!



    Saza – that sounds perfect! Good luck!!



    hello lovely ladies i was on this site last year and deleted my account but im now back up and running and ttc i have held off for a while because i had alot going on with moving so we are now offically trying again hope im not waiting to long for that big fat plus hope yas are all doing well i dont seem to see many girls on here that i made friends with over a yr ago hopefully ill make alot more new 1s and maybe find some of my old friends too 🙂



    All this BDing and pre-seed making my va jay jay ichy sry tmi…just like Dian sed— since we dont get ‘cleaned up’ after BDing. TTC over and over again makes it worse..aaauugghhhhhhh!!!! any 1 felt the same way???



    hi ladies–sending some love and hugs out there for ya..i find it challenging to post here with a toddler around. @ Laura–sorry you felt ignored. i see you have some more encouraging news though…please keep us posted. im sending you some good vibes. 🙂
    we are all going through a journey full of hope with many ups and downs which is emotionally trying…some days i feel sorry for myself until i read others’ posts…i admire some of the ladies here who have never given up TTC…I feel like a wimp compared to them…seriously..i have no idea how they do it…women ARE the strongest creatures I swear…



    Haha glad you both enjoyed it – lets hope it pays off for the both of us!! x When are you going to start testing – surprised you have not started already?!?!



    Looks like I’m with you ladies for another month. AF showed up 2 hrs b4 my Drs app (still not rly that heavy either) but I still have had no cramps or anything like I usually do so back to CD1 for me. Fingers crossed for this month.


    I wish you the best of luck! I have a son that just turned 8 months old and we are trying to have another one now. This is our first month to try. I kinda feel pregnant but I hope its not just all in my head!



    Thanks goingfornumber3!
    Anyone like to read and interested in reading fictional books? My husband has just self published his first book and we of course are trying to promote it. I didn’t want to list anything yet bc some may think its a scam, but its honestly not. His book is called the Mark of Gomorrah and he has a Facebook page as well as website. His book will be released on 7/31 via Amazon but is available now through create space. Anyways if anyone would be interested at least in checking it out please tell me yay or nay. 🙂 we are trying to get as much exposure as possible, it a lot harder being a self publisher rather than going with a publisher. The more people to see it and at least hear the name the better 🙂 thanks for reading 😉


    Oh boyyy…I dont want the pill to mess my body up. *sigh* I really dont know what to do. But I guess this labcorp test will tell me what I need to know. I let my gyno know that its ok if I get pregnant and my irregular period was worrying me so she ordered 2 tests. Guess I’ll have more info next month when I get my blood work done and we’ll take it from there.



    Ok I did a check b4 and my cervix is that high I can barely touch with my middle finger and it’s sort of squishy. Now if the sort of bleed I had at 10 dpo was AF shouldn’t my cervix be low not high. AF is sposed to rock up on Friday.



    im not sure if i just copy and paste this for ppl to see my chart or not….

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