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    my last post didnt post for some reasn..:(



    Nixsa I’m happy you found another place for support 😉 are there any moms trying that are over 40?



    Sooo I went to the dr the other night, well the ER, was there til 2am. I have MONO!!! Ha ha. I didn’t know people still got that, but I did. I swear, I’ve only been kissing my son! Ha ha. But that explains the crap I have been feeling for 3 weeks now, and the dr said it could last until xmas! Great! But at least I know what was wrong with me!



    Checked your pic brandy- I see the second line. I just wish it would hurry up and get darker for you! Fx!



    Its gonna be scary knowing I have low progesterone makes me really worried that it won’t stick. I have only been on meds for this cycle hopefully its enough 🙁



    morning ladies…I tested again this morning and lone behold…and another BFN!! getting annoyed. AF was due yesterday or today, so I’m pretty much anticipating its arrival! I’m feeling like I’m pretty much out this cycle as today I am 15 DPO and still one BFN after the next, and I’ll be out until at least June (hopefully the first try!)… hopefully you all have better luck..



    cheekyface you can also try one of the digital tests. They’ll say Pregnant or Not Pregnant



    Luv-I’m in canada, so we are all in did time zones…I hope things go back to normal with u and the sitter situation. I too have looked in the other forums and they are no where near as talkative. Hopefully when I get my bfp..(ugh don’t remind me how far away that’s gonna be!!) but hopefully there are a bunch of ladies that also get there’s around the same time as me, so I have some people to talk to! And yes, I slack off at work just to be on here during the day! lol oops! Oh well. DM-have u tried just bd’ing every other day for a month???



    Kayce, some months we have a ‘strong ovulation’ and may even release two eggs within a day or so of each other! (don’t want to freak you out about the possibility of twins – lol!) and your OPKs can stay positive a long time, as the LH lingers. You very much appear to have ovulated, so don’t worry about the LH hanging around – it did the job it was supposed to do, just not getting the hint that it can go away now! It won’t decrease your chances of conception at all.



    I posted my opk in the photobook if anyone wants to see its super dark!



    okay… i think i have a bfp! i took a test this morning and saw a faint line, then i took a test tonight and it’s darker! someone go look at my pictures and let me know… omg, i’m so excited!


    Shay and DM- your bfps are just around the corner!! I’m still so nervous about mine. Terrified it won’t stick.



    I am retarded or something lol but I still don’t understand charting temp and when to actually have sex



    I’m wanting a girl since we already have a boy, but either way- I’ll take a healthy baby…



    I actually didn’t test today lol. I took the digital one last night and that was pretty much it for me. Scheduled an appoinment with my doctor for the 23rd to confirm the pregnancy (for my insurance) and then they’ll schedule my first ultrasound after that. I’m still 12dpo so by 17dpo it should be dark on their tests.

Viewing 15 posts - 118,651 through 118,665 (of 131,346 total)

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