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    ok i have mine for Nov 10 i was able to get a appointment early cause i was not able to get in this past month, so like you said if this month ends in a BFP i am going, then…since you had one before can you tell me what i am in for. does it hurt.?



    I put in a call to my fertility doc from when I conceived my son to see if he has any recommendations or if he can do anything for me that is inexpensive. I’ll let you all know what he says.



    Sounds good chas, can’t wait to c pic 🙂 Congrats!



    Clay, i got a bfn last cycle at 12dpo but was preg so u still have a chance hun…good luck!! Can someone help me figure out what a coverline is when temping?



    morning ladies…the heavy eyes are making it hard for me to focus this morn..still having red super light spotting started yesterday 11dpo for em today. been feeling sick this morning, was hard to eat my cereal but managed to somehow keep it down. all i want to do is climb back into bed. im hoping this spotting is implantation..i have been having tugging feelings in my uterus but no cramping so hoping its not af. for the last 4 months i have been on a 35 day cycle, i can imagine after 4 months of ‘set ur watch to it perfect timing’ periods it would all of a sudden drop back to a 28 day cycle? i did O early this month and we shagged twice the night before and once 2 days before so big chance something took. lord knows i hope so. how is everyone doing today/night??



    There ya go hun! Good luck and let us know how u make out at the PP!



    People at work keep asking me and I am like erm dont really wanna discuss that wit you actually xxx



    shelly.. im 11 dpo too. dont say your not preggo til af comes! theres still hope! we still have 3 more days!


    mandi..honestly I think you have plenty of time to have more kids. Tell him you would like to have more someday but want to be married( or want to have fun…etc etc..) If you are having second thoughts it’s probably not the right time for you to be having another child…I hope this helps good luck



    Good morning all. I got my AF on Saturday so now we are in our third month of TTC. It only took us two months ttc for my DD. I guess I was thinking it would happen that way again. Baby dust to all.



    Ive just popped in here to let you all in on what has happened to me, myself and husband had been trying for months to concieve with no luck. I went to see my friend who does crystal healing (I dont normally believe in this stuff). I never told her we were trying but she told me i had a blockage in my stomach area. We did 2 sessions of crystal healing and here i am 7 weeks pregnant. It could be a coincidence but i thought i would share it with you.
    Please dont give up trying and im sending loads of baby dust your way xxx



    Haha I duno either, mine just been clear for over a week but some days is dry white on my undies.


    quick questions ladies… i’m on CD9 today, when do you think i should start using my pre-seed? most sites say woman start getting fertile at this point in the cycle. or should i wait til i’m in the extremely fertile stage?



    mom2be — i heard from some where that after you have a baby that it can reset your body and you may not have to have help to get pregnant again…. i do believe that ur dr. gave you the BC to help regulate ur AF i agree with diane-taketwo



    Thanks Loveandbaby not celebrating as yet till I get a darker result I worry that it is very faint x

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