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    JLea, I would push for full blood work to check your hormone levels. They usually test on CD 3 and CD 21 to see what your pre and post ovulation (will tell if you ovulated) hormone levels are like. It’s a good starting point. If you’re used to tracking cm, maybe adding BBT will help you pinpoint ovulation. At the end of my cycles it’s so easy to look back and see what went on and on what days – it took me about two months to get familiar with the process and remember to temp daily, but it’s like breathing to me now – I temp, add it to my chart, and don’t think about it for the rest of the day!



    baylee it could be that ur pg but its too early to test yet, i wait a bit longer 🙂



    diane-Congrats to you. I am really happy to see all these new BPF,s. It,s giving me the couragement to finally take the test.


    Ohhhhh MRSMILLER-maybejust wait a few days and go get another beta. I took a look at your bfp test and all I saw was a pink control line, and a clear test line. Was that test line pink at any time? Or was it just a line. Im asking because these IC show the test line almost always-thats why they are so affordable, making it confusing to the user. I have had them many times, and have come to know that they arevisble with urine-BUT- if they have the dye on them-well thts a different story. *crossing my fingers* and hoping it truly is your BFP XX


    Mommyof3~ When are you testing your urine? I O late in my cycle, day 24ish, so testing with OPKs can be frustrating if you don’t O when most resources say you ‘should’. Every womans body is different, and you may have just missed your surge this month.



    I read ur post about that TTC, that was a strange & vivid dream u had!!!!! LOL! I hope our dreams mean something…………………….


    well i was cramping on monday… whiich is when i was i got my last darkest line… than nothing yesterday… now today, im feeling slightly crampy, almost like what it feels like the day or so before AF is to arrive… i would love for it to be implantation cramps… but think that it would be to soon to feel those… ugh… before, when i was not paying attention to my cycles, TTC was easy, and now that im trying to pay attention to my body, i cannot even read the signs…..



    good morning ladies! CONGRATS on all the new bfp’s!! MRS MILLER, im very sorry darlin xx welcome to any new comers. so i POAS yesterday morn..i think it was a faint + so waited a few hrs and POAS again..- so this morn POAS ..AGAIN..i THINK faint + again so going to dr friday for blood test *sigh*



    CPalmer when are you due to test?


    i just need to stop staring at them forever trying to see the faintest hint of a line



    oh my 🙂 love the chocolate body art idea, diane! lol we are soo tryin that one!!



    jun2103 ~ The 1st month I took it I only had a couple of side effects but never felt sick afterwards. Maybe you were feeling sick because your body was busy cooking up some follicles. My fertility Dr. had me come in right before I O’d so that she could see what the Clomid was doing for me. Ovulation was never a problem for me. One thing I did notice was that while on Clomid ovulation is a lot more intense than w/o it. I got pregnant on my 3rd cycle!


    awww D we would go through this together. I would LOVE that but again…that deep downf eeling says nope not this month honey….



    Defo af 🙁 really sore tummy & heavy flow 🙁 oh well, glass of wine for me tomorrow lol



    Got to go… Everyone have a lovely weekend, and I will catch up with you later.



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