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    ***gives the BFP Tree a shake*** That’ll get some more BFP’s happening!



    Boring CD 23…pretty sure I’m out this month, which bums me out, I’d really like a September baby! 🙁 Everyone seems to be popping up preggers lately, and nobody knows we’re TTC, so it’s hard to be happy for them and jealous at the same time. I have no idea if I O’d or when AF should show up, given my weird cycle last month. Hoping for a nice, normal 30 day so that we can get back on track! Anyone else just frustrated this month?



    R&NsMama – yep that was me, couldn’t wait, DH and I can’t wait for anything once we make up our minds, same happened when we decided to buy a house, we’re bad for each other that way. But we can’t wait to get pregnant. I wanted to wait to have a summer baby, but March is close enough 🙂 Plus starting now if it takes a few months, then we’ll be right where we want to be :D…. but the real story is that we have no patience haha!


    OMG YAY!!!!!!! RYLANS!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s so awesome I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this..congrats lady


    I said exactly the same thing and ds is so spoilt he has everything he wants but i think its mainly because we can afford to as he is the only child for the moment and we have bought a big beautiful home last year got no bills as such so why not spoil the one person in our lives that means the world to us – but if it got to the point where he started to get ungrateful and a spoilt little boy it would stop he would have to earn what he has

    #6865895 will be soon you can test!! Good luck!



    Nope, London baby!


    CD 16 ….a little crampy not so much nausea today. Bd’d a lot lately. Think I’m going to OPK in a min..Hope Everyone is doing good so far this YEAR!



    arlz i was on nuvaring and i didnt have that lol



    i am so off i figure i have to wait for next month to know how the metformin has effected my cycle…, i have adenomyosios, normally cause me to have strong cramps all month long and when i o i have really bad sharp pains but this month nothing light cramps for a few seconds not like what i normally have.



    You are still very much in the game Semper Fi!


    oh and dr said If no AF I have to wait until CD 35 test and then go back in . It’s kinda scary i’ve read about clomid and really they don’t have all the answers of how it works. You can O late early late whatever..too weird



    shaynes girl – do you know when you ovulated????


    Okay just a little poll: curious if we shoud BD every other day or every day? Any suggestions ladies?!



    TIFFYY – We’re not all young in here. I’m 37 years old. YIKES!

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