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    BOYoBoy those are some strong postives! GOOD LUCK!


    Racho, last month right after bd I felt the same way, I swore I felt I was getting pregnant! But for me thats not what it was, I still don’t know what it was but I swore I felt my insides working to make that baby! Good luck to you!



    Hi ladies!! just spending a quiet night in on my lonesome,,,dh is having dinner with his family,,, justfeel a bit down and bummed….stoopid hormones i think



    congratulations dedebaby. you must be overjoyed. well for me af has finally finished. trying not too look when i will ovulate especially as me and the boyfriend only see eachoher a couple of times a week. hes studying hard for his exams. would be so nice for this to happen straight away rather than 2 years like my other 2 xx



    @ ivan sorry about BFN wait until AF is late and test again fx its to early to test and you get your BFP soon.


    Tested yesterday afternoon. Bfn. AF due Sunday. Don’t feel preggo at all. If not we quit trying after february. Come on fishes! I must say, I’m already missing my cycle buddy (Terriann). Hope she’s doing alright! Her & debih.



    yeh i need to do another test too.had to ring my gyno coz im high risk,so watever the out come thought was best just to ring straight away as i might have to take aspirin.



    braylons mommy–do you take medicine for your thyroid? I have to take a pill every day for my thyroid, I haven’t had issues (that I know of) for almost 2 years now. I’ve had hyper (lost weight) and hypo (gained weight) thyroidism.



    Jessica – Hubby and I have always had the feeling that if it happens it happens, if it don’t it don’t. Hubby is wanting me to be though. He’s been acting off the wall silly/crazy about it. I keep telling him not to get his hopes up. I know we are both kind of hoping if it’s going to happen that it will happen soon since he is 45 and i am 35…. I am just so worried now since the neg test that there is something else wrong. I am scared to go to doc now….



    Sounds more like a stomach bug to me. Is the flu going around there?


    Seanmom- Awsome!! Went on a field trip with my daughters class. I walked like 98755149965 miles. Well, prolly more like 3 but it was all up hill (I’m to fat for that thses days)!


    I’m so insanely tired! Haven’t even started my paper that is due tomorrow. OMG!



    Heya beautiful ladies!! packing for a netball filled weekend!! YAY!! oh and di we got 2 offers on the house,,contract signed and out in a month,, wow its all happening!!!! :)))



    Momfromcanada, breastfeeding can actually act as contraception, even if your periods have come back, so it might take a bit longer to conceive – my doctor explained it as your body stops you ovulating as it knows you already have a baby -he said it was a natural contraception, but obviously not the kind of contraception you would rely on! Also, for me (I breastfed for nearly 10 months, I found my periods took a few cycles to really readjust properly), Hope that helps!



    wow i should get pissed at my DH more often haha. he just called and was like im so sorry for forgetting our anniversary and hes like get dressed up cause when i get home im gonna take you some where nice. hmm wonder what it is im excited.

Viewing 15 posts - 11,881 through 11,895 (of 131,346 total)

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