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    It was muggy here all week, which is so odd, as it is NEVER muggy in this province, especially in June… global warming is having an interesting impact here for sure! I am wearing my ‘squidgy’ (‘giving up on life’) sweat pants in preparation for hotdogs 😉


    Mommytoaidan, on CD13 it was stretchy EWCM, I’m so confused






    So ladies I have my doc appointment in the morning and am feeling anxious lol it’s my first appointment where I am going to speak to GP about my fertility problems. I keep thinking I know what I want to say but when I go in I think my mind will go blank. I’m not sure what questions to ask and am even more nervous as I know they will look down their nose at me for being young. Last time I went to the GP about my irregular periods they said ‘that’s just the way you are’ hmmmm……


    lol what men go threw for love !!!



    Well think my body is gearing up to O getting mild niggles on my left side and CM (clear) is starting to increase, me n hubby didn’t bd last night as he was too tired and he’s on nights tonight 🙁 but will bed tomorrow lunchtime. I have a smear (pap) test in the morning so hopefully that won’t mess things up in there and I catch my egg this month.



    TBT- thank god i thought i was an alien or something. Meliss- i think they have!…….i have been away cuz my cat got out this weekend and has not been found. i have had him since he was 4 weeks old and he is now 11 and declawed, i know there is so much contiversey(sp) over declawing but i have my reasons for doing it, i got attacked by a cat in 4th grade and i ended up in the hospital with cat scratch feever and a staff infection



    MommytoAbi…careful and don’t dilute your urine! could give you a false negative!
    Also, i read that LH is highest in the morning, but takes 4 to 6 hours to make it into the urine, thus making mid-day the best time to test with OPKs






    hi ladies, its been a while i have a few questions, i had a 10 week misscarage in march i had an af in april, i ovulated 10 days ago, i have a nagging pain in my uteris and ive been waiting 4 ether af and have tested but bfn, i was just woundering has any1 sufferd any problems after a misscarage x



    aselleck26 – sorry bout AF, it’s always the worst when she’s late because then you get your hopes up. Lets hope for a BFP in August!

    #6870503 go back to the doc or the ER..ASAP…



    Justine, they likely want you back in 2 days to check to see if your level is rising. There is a slim chance, yes, but move ahead with ‘cautious optimism’



    My DH and I have decided to try for our second child, we have a two year old daughter. Very nervous as this decision has been fairly sudden and hoping the future is going to be good. I have really irregular and long cycles, around 8 – 12 weeks usually, it took 6 months, which was much better than expected, ttc our DD so hoping it’s no longer this time.


    Bizie- Lol does CD start from the first day of my cycle? If so then I am CD 20 too early to test

Viewing 15 posts - 118,936 through 118,950 (of 131,346 total)

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