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    Thank you Braylons mommy…that’s helpful. It’s great to hear from others on what you are all doing. I’m learning alot this month…so hopefully by next month I’ll be ready to really start. This month wasn’t spent TTC too hard but def will be in April! So once you get a BFP…how many days do you BD for? Is it correct that you O within a day or so after the BFP?



    LC-it’s architecture crap…lol I’m a student AND a mommy! lol Anyway, I think 11 dpo is DEFINATELY too early…I dont think you’ll start (IF YOU DO!) af until at least friday…you should wait atleast two more days and test again!!!



    cd15 really really bad pain on right sid.. has been going on for like an hour now.. wonder if this is ovulation.. wish it’d hurry up if so.



    amy – Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s the Clomid. All of my af’s since I started Clomid have been like this, just not as heavy. They’ve each lasted 10 days so I’m HOPING it will be gone by tomorrow night. If not, I’m going to start googling! 🙂



    Crap. I think I have at least one polycystic ovary. The right one looked fine on the ultrasound but the left one looked like… a honeycomb? There were a whole bunch of black circles. I’m not feeling too hopeful. On the up side, at least I’ll be getting treatment if I do have it. From what my doctor was saying, it sounds like she’d be putting me on metformin. We’ll just have to see what she says when she calls in a day or two. :/



    amy OMG yes i watched it, i couldnt sleep after that, it upset me so much



    Congratulations MrsBBunney :] H&H9 months



    To be honest im laying in bed feeling like im ganna spew lmao. Yeh im waiting for the chemist to open, another half an hour 🙁 how are you today?



    Ewan – it really depends on the person. I got a pretty strong BFP two days ago with FRER but a lot of people don’t get even a standard positive until the day before or day of AF. I would say that 12dpo is a good place to start tho! GL!!



    Good luck to you also Alicia!! I hope we get BFP’s this month!!! Im getting my hopes up a little though. I have been very tired over the last few days also cried at everything!! and moody!! think that is a sign!! well i hope so!



    Kitty, looks like two lines to me. Yay! Keep us posted!



    There are naturally general statistics for IUI and IVF success rates, but a good RE will give you your OWN statistics. My RE gave me a 40% per cycle chance of conceiving because I was under 30 and in good health and there is no specific cause for my infertility (no tubal blockages, hormone deficiencies, etc.) So I don’t think you can go on the overall averages and apply that statistic to yourself. Each person is different and some have better chances than others!



    Alohamom- Oh no, sorry AF came but on the brighter side as you said, you & dh gets to do more bd’ing this cycle which is always a plus. 🙂 Rofl @ ‘baby making machine’ Poor Hubby. Although I’m sure he doesn’t mind. Good luck at the dr. I’m still waiting for some sort of answer from my body. I’m going to make a dr. appt 1st thing Monday if AF doesn’t show by this weekend.



    2ww killing me, 7 days past IUI…I think i’m gone test Sunday…I have a runny noise, and hubby not feeling well. boobies are sore, but they maybe due to hcg shoot on 10/29…do you think its possible to get good results



    CD14 and looks like i’m having my lh surge today So Baby making machine has been told 🙂 He is in service for the next 3 nights. and I start my pills on sunday. So I hope this is our month

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