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    cleo – as far as i am aware the test line has to be the same colour or darker than the control line to be a postive OPK


    P.S. I ovulated on July 5th and we had sex that night. AF is due June 20th, so I am wondering if I might be lucky enough to be pregnant…..except I worry about those fibroids.



    12dpo and still bfn can anyone tell me why i have there symptoms ???? is it to early



    Well we ddidn’t BD last night, but im hoping its ok cuz we did the day before so for sure were doing it tonight. I had some pain last night idk why. Maybe ovulation but could that happen so soon cuz it was on the left side like a sudden and then tinging. IDk do you kadies know? Im on CD 8 of a 31 DC.



    ummm…BFN…but i realize last time i was preg i didn’t get a result until a week after my af date. so i’ll wait for another af if my af is irregular. i kinda want to be pregnant around july or so so i’m really not in a rush. not ttc 🙂



    I have had 2 pregnancies in the past so you would think that I knew if I was pregnant. The first pregnancy I had every symptom in the book minus morning sickness (still nauseated though), second pregnancy just cranky, tired, and nauseated, if I’m pregnant now then just nausea and dizziness would be my symptoms…






    Yes I had cramping and really bad back aches, I took a first respone test ( the one that says you can test 6 days before your missed period) and I can feel my breasts getting a tiny bit sore. Still nervous because we miscarried at 15 weeks ( in jan) and a miscarriage in june ( 5 weeks) so I am very excited, but nervous



    Tonight I took my last dose of 150mg clomid for this cycle… I hope it works. I have been trying for 3 months with no luck for baby #2 so my doctor decided to go aggressive and try what worked last time (after 3 months of 150mg it finally worked). I hope it doesn’t take as long this time. Being a mom is the best thing I have ever done and I can not wait to give my son a brother or sister!! So today I am on CD 9 I will start my OPK in 2 days..



    I finally got a positive OPK tonight!! Yeah!! So, the plan is to BD tonight and twice tomorrow.. hopefully that does the trick 🙂 I’m so excited! I am not so excited for the dreadful 2WW..



    WOW, I just glanced at my ovulation ticker and noticed I’m on CD18, 9 days until AF arrives…I didn’t realize I was that far along on my cycle. I know I have 2-5 more days until implanting would take place but I’m honestly not feeling this is my month. At first I was having signs but now I think I was just reading into it to much. We still have one more cycle to TTC before hanging up the BD gloves for a month. It sound selfish and I don’t mean to offend anyone but I don’t want a December baby if I can help it. The way my cycles are my due date would be December 23rd, I’d feel guilty if my DS had to celebrate Christmas in the hospital, but on the other hand he’d be given the gift of a playmate ;0)



    Aidens mommy- congrats!!!!! So happy for you! This is our 7th month of trying and I’m hopingto be behind you shortly! Have a happy pregnancy!



    im so pissed!!!!! i went to see a doctor today and they refused to do bloodwork hcg test..!!! and then i call my family doctor in the parking lot(who is never in her office cause she works in palliative care) and this old lady comes up to my window.. old lady.. and starts yelling at me to get off my phone.. i defianately dont feel bad for giving her the finger… GRR!!!!



    iam geting so excited we have a app nex twed its all i canthink about hubby and i stayed up for hrs last night talkoing about it and babys and all that we are so excited.. hes not usualy like that so its made me extra excited.. congreat on the latest bfp.. iam realy hopeing this clomid works..oh so excited..



    Errrrr…I cant get to the site from my work computer! Damn blocks!

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