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    not sure im on a 28 day cycle.


    Okay just a little poll: curious if we shoud BD every other day or every day? Any suggestions ladies?!



    sorry becky, i was just checking those who were on here earlier. i felt a bit lost on the crowd so i checked. but these grils are very knowledgable about ttc. i only know from expereinces.


    *T* – I heard every other day is best and it hasn’t failed me yet I have gotten pregnant 3 times using the every other day method each on my first try. So I would say every other day works very well for me but it may not work so well for others, everyone is different right.



    Hi Ladies!! Hope everyone is having a good day 🙂



    my 10 mth old took 2 steps on her own yesterday, she’s so close to walking!



    he doesnt look familiar but maybe some of my friends know him or visversa


    oh and I’m also 23! LOL



    chrissi- to catch up up, we have talked about dreams involving teeth and pregnancy, coffee decaf or no, trying is going to take a ept, and well i think thats it, oh c got a call from the doc explaining her progest. levels



    Hey everyone! Congratulations on the BFP’s 🙂 It’s Cd21 for me today, it may be all in my head but I’m definetly got the same symptoms that I had with my last pregnancy at around this time. Could go either way at this point. Looking forward for my hpt’s to get here.


    Lets see how many ‘reality’ shows do we have here…Theres the Little people, Littlest Couple, the one about the family with 18 kids and one about a family with 12 kids and that doesnt count those shows on regular tv…LOL… I JUST SAW the preview for the new Harry Potter! I cant wait for it! I think the dh enjoyed the books more than the kids and we have all the movies so far…D.R. is sooo cute..



    @Angela I also have a DS born June 2010!!!



    Cherry- same here w/ DD. The dr kept insisting my EDD was Apri 23rd, then had the u/s and they said april 12th.. well she had plans of her own and came march 31st lol



    hoping-3, the digital tests date the pregnancy from the date of conception, so when they say ‘2 – 3’ on the commercial that really means 4 – 5 weeks pregnant based on LMP. 5 DPO is way too soon to test as implantation does not usually happen until 7 – 10 DPO. Even if you have a fertilized egg, your body does not know you are pregnant. When I was 12 DPO I tool a digital and came up with 1-2 (weeks pregnant). Save your money, perhaps go to the dollar store and buy some cheap tests to start using at 8 DPO if you are really dying to test! Wait until you are at least 12 DPO before taking a digital, unless you are seeing faint lines on a cheap test. Good luck!



    boyOboy, it is only recommended to take it for 5 days max, otherwise it can interfer with O and stop it. So take it days 3-7 only, max 200mg a day.

Viewing 15 posts - 119,431 through 119,445 (of 131,346 total)

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