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    linzip~ i always found that my opks start getting a 2nd line around 3-4 days b4 but its mega faint to start then gradually gets a tiny bit darker as ya get closer to o but the 2nd line will suddenly b really strong (pos) there is always some lh in our system so thats why we get a tiny faint line but the lh surge happens that fast that you can get a barely there 2nd line and then a whopping pos opk ill put some pics on profile for ya of my opks from 2 months ago to show ya what they looked like



    haha, yep, spammers are creative! I didn’t see a private message on my profile either.



    I have been off BC for 16 months but I didn’t get AF until a few months after that as I was BF’ing. So I would probably say a good 13 months(DH was away on and off for a few too so that would probably rule out another month or so. We pretty much BD at least everyday and maybe only skip a day once or twice a week. Some of my cycles have been all over the place ranging from 16-40 days, I’ve been tracking 16 cycles on FF and still nothing. I’m starting to think #3 will never happen for us 🙁



    this summer is going to be a doozy :S it seems every year gets more hot and humid aroung here!! ughhh no fun, i think i may persuade hubby to get us air conditioning 😀 ….mmmm hot dogs !!! my fav, too bad when i was at my squidgiest ( prego) i wanted to eat them but couldnt… my cupboards are loaded with crap but i have to get rid of it all to prepare my body for next cycle….whenever that is



    Cd24 for me I have a 32 day cycle so agggges til ican test 🙁



    CD 23 for me! How is everyone today?



    3 become 4 I am from Dublin thanks


    I thought you ladies may find this interesting, it’s an article I read stating some research has found men who have frequent sex have healthier sperm. Just copy and paste this, and good luck:



    @ Smashley89 -> hun I sent you a priv msg please read and msg if you need to I know how you feel. You are not alone. I too have wondered why DH is still with me when I am not able to give him a child of his own. I have thought about leaving but then rememeber that life is full of many diff things and a child is just one of them. I am sure that your DH is with you for many reasons and that having a child is not as important to him as you are. My heart aches for you hun.



    I’m in tx and things are great here



    mOOMY-aBI: I would have wrapped a towel around me and got the door:) Keep us posted. lilpgz and hoping: I have no patience. I just read some OPK site and it suggests that I could have af on the 23rd:( If only I were 20 something and regular again! Lucky for me I have to run to pick up Prince from school. p.s. I am holding my urine in case I get the urge to POAS:)


    i get to test tomorrow yeah i cant wait i dont think i will be able to sleep tonight waiting lol. but dh said he would giver me a test until tomorrow morning (he hide them all on me )



    lk~ mia think its missing in action


    Good morning ladies, well i poas with fmu and got a bfn . AF is due today and i am already crampy all over including my back so i have a feeling she will make an aperance any minute more. : ( oh well lets hope august will be our month **** baby dust ****



    GG- do you fill a pad in an hour? If it is only spotting-light bleeding just keep and eye on it, if it gets to the stage where you are filling a pad in an hour or less, then it’s serious. I can’t believe they do a pap smear while you are pregnant! I would have told them no way!

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