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    yeah…getting more comfortable in the forum. Q is my nickname…& prolly way easier for y’all too.



    My DH is the opposite! He is the one telling me to wait until I miss AF!! I had a chemical pregnancy in December so now I’m a little more patient to wait until at least the day of expected AF. Part of the reason too is cause I can’t be bothered to buy the FRER since its soooo expensive. If I’m gunna buy a test that’s that much money I’d rather have the true means to do it…although, since we got the O strips, I got the package with the 5 pregnancy tests as well…so I **MIGHT** test a day before AF is expected. I’m still deciding!! I am a little more hopeful this cycle since DH and I BD a HECK of a lot more this time, and around the right time…so, FX!! I really hope this is the month!!



    before i was so scared of having twins, but now i’ll take it! not sure what my endo/reproductive specialist will have in mind for me and hubby, but i am very excited!


    Sooo.. I POAS! and saw a BFP! I don’t know that I would really call it a BIG FAT Positive… lol but it is positive lightly there. I am 10dpiui. This was DH first IUI. I had an HCG injection 11 days ago. I am still weary of the thought that the injection could still possibly be in my system. I read that it can be fully gone by 7-10 days after the injection. But I’ll keep testing and if it is still there by Saturday or gets darker YAY! fingers crossed. I have had sharp pointy pains these last 3 days on my center right side if that makes sense. and today i had sore bb’s. prayers ladies! prayer prayers prayers! 16months is quite a journey.



    sorry LC, I will keep them crossed for next month for you 😉 just to be sure. lol good luck everyone probably won’t be on for a while with dh about to go in 5 days trying to get as much in as possible.


    I’m on CD 23, 8 DPO. I’m so tempted to buy a pregnancy test . . .



    Hello, has anyone here had an IUD and had it removed. I had mine removed surgically on Monday due to the fact that it perforated thru my uterus and was in my abdominal cavity. lots of bleeding now like a heavy period. did some research and it looks like this is pretty normal. just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this. we are ttc now.



    congrats to you megg123! Do you remember what or if any signs around 12dpo. That’s where im at, and I am going crazy waiting. I have an 18month old, but she was more of a surprise, so I dont remember any signs until I actually knew I was preggers at 5wks. Im trying to decide if I should do hpt or just wait a couple more days to see if af makes appearance. I feel like I have had a few symptoms, but I could just be imagining. Did the sides of your bbs ever hurt or feel tender, because that is the one thing im sure im not imagining. Positive thoughts for all you ladies ttc and all you ladies in your tww.



    Haha mm not really so much for me cause sometimes it hurts my stomach from my last 2 operations but sometimes its ok.



    Congrats mrsbunny! Wow that’s so early! I’m due with AF on monday 6th and trying hard NOT to test lol…@chasta – give it a day or two then test again if AF didn’t come yet :)…@lil.pigz, WOW ur trying for #7??? How I wish! Lol I have a girl and boy and wud actually love another but as I’ve said before, hubby’s not so keen :(…initially wanted 4 kids but after our son hubby was like NO MORE lol…@aloha – I’m hoping u made it thru the day ok:)…its Friday and I’m halfway thru the day so hopefully everyone leaves me alone to daydream about babies and positive HP tests LOL…here’s to many BFP ladies!!!



    Thanks marinewife ..



    Hey ladies – I’ve used this site for both of my previous pregnancies. I have two boys – Keegan who is 4 and Karson who will be 10 months tomorrow. Hubs and I have just begun TTC our 3rd and final. I don’t even know when my LMP was because I didn’t bother to keep track =/ We BDd I believe 3 or 4 days ago (see, there I go again, not keeping track or remembering) and I’m not certain but I believe I am currently ovulating or just did in the last day or so. Yesterday and today I feel crampy and also extremely turned on. My hormones are raging for one reason or another. I honestly don’t know how soon your body can start changing after fertilization, but I can only hope that I got lucky on the first try. I don’t even know when to test as I really don’t recall when AF started last. I do believe it was about 2 weeks ago, so if I can hold out, I’d like to test on June 1st which is my birthday. Would be awesome to have a nice BDAY BFP. Anywho, I look forward to going on this journey with everyone for what will hopefully be my last run. Lots of luck and sticky baby dust to all =)



    Hi girls. I just wanted to say that at 6 weeks +3, I’ll be leaving week six and heading back to the this ttc forum. Been spotting for 12 days, and today my temp plummeted below my coverline, and I had a headache as I do before AF. I had my scan this afternoon and bubba stopped growing last week and I have started to bleed heavily tonight. So it all starts again! Wish us luck on our continued ttc journey. Looking forward to chatting with you again! A big bucket of baby dust sprinkled over everyone.



    cd7 for me my temp did a slight dip (from 98.04 to 97.90) but still high. From the other charts I could stay high and drop the night before af shows up. My best friend needs to be in HPTAA she is having POAS for me and brought to my work 2 HPT LMAO hehehe. because I said I wasn’t going to buy one till sunday which is when af is due. I told her she needs help LOL and not to get her hopes up too. For one a short time for IP before af shows up. She said she has faith that the swimmers were having fun waiting for the beach ball. Even my dh husband wants me to test. grrr I hate BFN so don’t want too.



    Thanks LC lol!! Chart is in my pics section if you want to have a look.

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