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    @ kimkayb when I was pregnant with my son I tested the first month and got a negative and actually got what I thought was my period the next 2 months the only reason I took an hpt was because I ended really sick and thought I had the flu but my mom knew I was probably pregnant.but with both pregnancies I used early testing digital tests.Im gonna take an hpt tomorrow and if it’s negative I’ll probably set up an appt for a blood test.I’m just confused cause I have no symptoms but with my dd I didn’t have any until I was about 8 weeks.


    mommyx2 I am supposed to be ovulating today or tomorrow…I have a textbook 28 day cycle with a 5 day period usually so I will be testing around when you do and if that’s the case it would appear out next babies if we both concieve will be born around the same time again!



    Ok so long storey short. I deff o’d on my 26 day cycle she said I proberly didn’t o last cycle that’s y it was 39 days. She said that I can be safe to say I do o on the shorter cycles. She was ganna up my clomid to 100mg but gave me dexamel something to take with the 50mg insted becoz I have o’d at least once in 3 months. And I still have to get my bloods every 21 days. She said after 6-8 months trying on clomid and nothing well have a break from clomid for a few months and then do anoth 6-8 months on clomid again and if nothing shell refer us to ivf but we couldn’t afford that wed have to mortgage our house haha . She said best time to test is when I get to cd 40 . And I asked about temping and the dips I had and all she said was if my temps stay up then that’s an indicator that I did ovulate


    soo… i’m CD 29 and i’m usually 26-27 days and got 2 BFNs so far, I’m not testing for a few days becuase i dont want to waste money to have AF show up late 🙁 i’m having some abdominal tenderness, heartburn on and off throughout everyday and nausea at night, and my appetite is gone, all the same symptoms i had early on w my first, but idk… my fiance and i have bd like everyday to hopefully get AF moving in but still nothing, what do you guys think?



    Thank you I was beginning to think I was unable to grasp this concept! lol



    07babe – Yes you can ovulate late. Once I stopped taking Ibuprofen products on my RE’s recommendation, my ovulation date came two days earlier on a regular basis!


    You’re brilliant Dawn! Wish I was mechanically inclined. Maybe that’s why I got a job at Home Depot, they thought they could teach me. LOL



    i can’t find FRERs here in this part of the world.i tried in South Africa, but couldn’t find it either…so you think normal ones would only pick up like after 10DPO?



    Ok I’m going to try to go back to sleep! 🙂



    hey all just hanging round and thought I would drop in to see how some of you ladies are doing. Good luck to those in the TWW 🙂 heaps of baby dust to you all ***********



    you are just so darn positive! ok.. I am not going to be sad today I shall look at this as another month where I can get my body into shape! ,,



    So, I’ve shared here that DH wasn’t sure he wants to TTC for another baby and that I really do. Yesterday, we had a big talk and he AGREED!! So, when DS turns two in October, we’re going to start TTC!! I’m SO excited.



    boneablaze – and has it worked for u?



    Stacywi- while i was on the mirena, AF came exactly every 29 days! But with the mirena, they were much lighter and hardly any pain (i used to be in agonizing pain before my first pregnancy)
    I OV over the weekend and DP and I didn’t even try:( I am just so scared that if we did try so soon after the IUD removal, we might MC, even though our GP says that wouldn’t happen.
    Kaycejones- you are too funny! But i think your right, those test prob react to anything urine like!!!



    toni- according to a site ‘ When pregnancy occurs, the cervix will rise up and become soft, yet the os will remain tightly closed. This occurs at different times in different women. Some women may find that twelve days after ovulation their cervix will do this and is a probable pregnancy sign. Others won’t experience this until well after the pregnancy has been confirmed.’ so do not read anything in to it!

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