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    anyone know how soon after ovulation you should be able to get an accurate reading on a urine test? or blood test?



    Hi Mrs!


    i Have a question when ur cervix mucus is watery and can stretch does that mean i already ovulated or about to???????????????????



    Christines- Actually I looked that up yesterday and it is a sign of pregnancy. I had a lot yesterday. A little less today actually.



    i know ur not meant to look at a test after 10 mins but that line definitely got darker i dont have to squint to see it now!



    Pro Care/New Care are the BEST. I bought 20 of them last week (yup, 20) for some friends of mine out of town and TTC (they don’t have a Dollar Store near where thye live). I also kept two for myself for my own weekly POAS… hee hee, I like seeing the lines, makes me less nervous about the progress of my little Sweet Pea.



    So… this has been an interesting cycle. We started TRYING in earnest Saturday night and have now BD’d 3 days in a row. Whooo-Hooooo!!!!! I got my best OPK reading on Sunday, ( ferility friend said I would prob ovulate between cd 11-13)I had a higher temp yesterday, ( fading fast opk on cd 12) and my temp lower today (cd13). Which is consistent with my last chart from 2008. Maybe a ovulation dip? Still debating on whether I wanna confuse matters by buying YET another box of OPKs. I will probably leave it to the FF/BBT Gods. Dunno tho. Right now I just wanna enjoy my coffee. Congrats all on the BFPs. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.



    I am sorry about your BFN but at the same time it is great that you’re being vey patient about it


    Okay i think i am done testing. Went to the store big mistake and saw Clear Blue on sale which had three test for 12 dollars so i bought it came home and took one only to find a BFN!!!!! Period not due til Monday. I guess my cycle were 28 then got off the patch and now its 32. So who know. Just so done with BFN !!! Oh and i have been dizzy and nausea. This is just driving me crazy. GOing to go back to Step 1 and relax and if it happens it happens.



    lets say if u ovulate at cd14 and ur cycle until cd 30 whats between is the luteal phase



    sorry, my lmp was july 2nd. I can’t believe it showed up so early. the pregnancy I had last nov, showed up at 3 wks 4 days.



    i let him cry and blow som e out that way but still a little anxious about it.



    mrstranum I will alway stop in to say hi and i know some of u ladies will be joining me shortly if not this week then in the next month or so!! stay positive ladies and RELAX!! 🙂



    neen209 – Are you using OPK, the best thing to do is start to BD when you get the faintest of a second line. You have 24-36 hours after ovulation to catch the egg, it takes sperm approx. 45 minutes to reach the cervix and it can survive about 4 days. Yes you can BD when you ovulate, but it’s best to start doing it BEFORE ovulation to increase the amount of sperm inside of you.



    HI melanieadam, im same, its so frustrating, just want one thing or other so I know wr I am. Baby dust to us all.

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