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    Thank you so, so much! Now I’m pacing the house waiting for the hubby to get to work so I can call him. He’s in class until 1 and gets to work at 1:30.



    just a question we want this so bad but i also wana work out at the gymand get extra healthy but iam worried about you knwo running in the gym but the spremies coming out and not reachin the egg… like we bd this morn and last noight but this morn a did a massive workout its just so hard to keep putting of excercise for the just on case chand ethis is the month.. geez when you wan tio so bad your willing to wrap yourself in cotton wool



    dsquared83 – I used Answer (Brand I prefer) and I test with FMU



    Thank you guys for you’re input, I am jumping with joy!! I’m calling hubby to show him your comments! Yippy-jay!



    maybe because it is an american site, I mean while searching the internet, it took me about 3 weeks to find this site



    Oh Sherry I could just cry! We were so lucky to have my first daughter b/c of my health history, and to be blessed with a 2nd is just a miracle. I CAN’T cry though b/c my in-laws are on their way home with my daughter. lol I don’t want them to know before my hubby. 🙂
    Now that I think about it, it makes sense, I DID have symptoms. The past few nights I had an upset stomach when I was laying down. I got out of the shower yesterday and was really light headed, but I thought maybe I just took too HOT of a shower. lol I cried yesterday over nothing, but attributed it to pms.
    The funny thing is that I’ll be due april 22nd. But b/c of my health history, my doctor had already told me that if we ever had a baby #2, it would be deilvered via scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. That’s april 1st……my daddy’s birthday! He’s been gone 7 years. I swear this is his way of telling me he’s still watching his Doodlebug!



    Hey Ruby – Hoping, baby aspirin (1 a day) may help build up uterine lining. Vit B6 and B12 and E may also help. If you have low progesterone, your doctor may prescribe progesterone cream to help retain a nice thick lining for when an egg implants



    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! young-yummy-mummy —————



    I hope so…..Its so faint that you cant see it in any pictures….You have to look directly at the stick…



    DollFace*NavyWife———- so sorry. Aimee asked my question for me? Where are you at in your cycle?


    Sorry your not feeling well cleo. **passes some tissue and tylenol to cleo**



    I just ate a very big piece of cake… I had no choice! I blame the cake decorating course I am enrolled in!!!



    Erika- I don’t go near my cervix, I’m afraid I’d damage something.

    The bleeding and brownish discharge have completely stopped. My CM is kind of yellowish and there is a good amount of it…I’m wearing a light day pad.



    Hi ladies… what i am going through is weird!! my last period was on the 25th of july and i did my hcg on the 19th and it was 560… very high!! on the 20th it was 600 and on the 21 it was 900… when i went to the dr for the first time on the 19th he thought the readings were high and i must have ovulated on day 10.. it may be the case.. anyways on the 20th i started spotting brown discharge and this morning it turned to red.. it is not like a period bleeding but it is bleed.. little bleeding to be accurate,,, i went to his clinic today and again beofre i went i did the hcg level. when he saw me and checked me with an internal ultrasound he didnt see anything at all and then said it seems u are misscarring.. i went home and then he calls me after 2 hours and said.. sorry about what i said earlier but the hcg level doubled and it reached 900…. wait till monday and then do the blood work again then come see me… u might still be pregnant!!! i am freaking out… a little bleeding still. no cramps… i am sooo confused. one minute i am miscarring then i am pregnant!! i hate it… did anyone experince something of the sort??? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help me



    Hi Michelle, Erika & Janet!! If AF doesn’t show on Saturday I’ll test on Sunday. Abigail does really well for the most part with just the sippy cup but I too am a sucker and afraid to take away her comfort so she still gets the Nuby soft tipped cup in the mornings. Michelle, we have a baby gate up at her room so when we put her in a toddler bed she at least won’t be able to leave her room. But for now she hasn’t tried to get out of her bed.. she just calls for us to come get her

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