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    Yummy….coffee!!! I’ve actually cut down on my coffee for the past couple of days. I just leave with my travel mug in the morning and don’t buy any at work. I miss it….but worth it!!


    I had to rush out to work at 4am this morning so i left the test on my pillow – when i got home he was full of smiles and said does a + mean what i think it means lol



    rasberry, the odds aren’t great, BUT its not over til the witch shows her ugly red face… Good luck!



    laura – haha well i had a dream i got tons of EWCM and got excited LOL



    AF has finally pi**ed off!!! Starting BDing tonight. this is the fun part before the dreaded 2ww.



    Oh taren…soo sorry to hear that hun, i cant imagine how u must feel! Im glad to read u are doing well and plan on TTC again….good luck and big hugs girl xx.



    lisad i got my last batch of hpt on ebay, some sellers do a combo of hpts & opks & theres some really good prices – wondfo seems good if in us, one step are good if ur in the uk 🙂



    My son just woke up from his nap and had his bottle so now we are off to the dollar store!!! I don’t even know if I should say anything to my hubby. He gets home in a few hours. He just called and told me he was running a little later than expected. I just clammed up and let him speak. This is so crazy!!! I will definitely keep you ladies posted as my drama unfolds!!! 🙂 Thanks Owens for your response. That is definitely encouraging!!


    Momof2 so sorry af showed.



    Hi Ladies: Maybe nobody saw my post. Has anyone that has been pg get early signs? Like sore BB’s a week before af or a little more. Cramping a little. See I keeep saying my mind is playing tricks on me.


    I keep having like gas paind behind my bb, Ugh. And i want a nap right now.



    Dont be nervous hun!! Im sure everything will work out!



    hi everyone.. i need some advice? im 19 and have been on the pill for two years and i missed my period last month so i stopped tking my pill this month and have been having unprotected sex most of the month and today i found blood in my urine and i dont know if its my period or just spotting? im confused and really need advice?



    sorry to hear diane but like you said you can try again and thats the positive way o flooking at things. dsquared hang in there you never know. at least 2day we got what I believe is a bfp from lafo and I’m sure we will see more as the days go by :happy



    ducky that sooooo sounds like implantation!!!! goodluck! wen are you testing?

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