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    Hey Clayli and nununoodle! I’m having an extra crampy AF, but other than that, all is well!


    naom..I swear being on this site messes with periods…lol Good luck!!


    Hey ladies. I am from week 8. I thought I could never get pregnant but eventually it happened. Good luck to you all and don’t lose hope. I found out at 5 weeks and some of my symptoms before that were- Being tired, More hungry, Crazy dreams that seemed so real, Cramping but AF never came this was the first time in my life I have ever taken midol, My bb’s would hurt me only at night and it felt nothing at all like they hurt when I have my AF.


    Thanks for the encouragement, ya’ll!! Right now I’m just so exhausted it’s so easy to lose hope. Glimmer of hope back now! 🙂



    COULD BE…… Have you done a HPT test yet?? may be a good time to do one?



    my sister just gave birth at 36 1/2 weeks he is 5lbs 10oz.



    Janet, I had the stretchy cm the month I was pregnant, and both cycles since just before AF arrived – it can happen in either case. Did you take another OPK and it came up positive? Where you are irregular, it’s not out of the question that you are ovulating now – when in doubt BD! 😉



    shez, sorry she made her visit this month 🙁 must be high time she take a minimum 9 month vacation 😉



    Wow congrats Diane!!! My friend is due in two days and if it doesn’t come, i will be testing on the weekend! Fingers crossed!!! Thinking pink this time!!! But will be happy with blue aswell!



    mrs miller-I hope it’s a true bfp. Wait a few days and test again



    good morning ladies =o) this morning when i went to the bathroom.. i noticed the most cm than ive had all week… and the slightest tinge of blood.. like, so small only i could probably see it.. i wouldnt even have noticed it- if i wasnt checking the toilet paper like i usually do. hubby and i have bding almost every day.. so what do you guys think? according to the chart- i was suppose to o yesterday- but i know those things can be off… i dont chart at all- i just go by what my body tells me, and the amount of cm this morning told me that its time =o) ….. but why the bleeding? any imput would be greatly appreciated =o) Amber



    yes naomi, test again! theres still a good chance that ur hcg was too low……some tests are not that sensitive – some woman dont get bfps until there like 8weeks pg!!! Good luck!


    gah… ok, so…. i took another OPK… and now, the test line is WAY darker than the control line…. so… im gonna go and get some preseed and told my husband i dont care how tired he was tonight…. we are going to be BD all night, lol….



    Katiea, that must be so frustrating. You will know soon though, but I would keep poas just in case you get an answer sooner.



    Good luck fairydark!! hope u get a BFP 🙂 hey gator! feeling preg yet? lol…ttcbby> I AM! goin crazy that is haha men eh? u would think he would be smart enough to put it somewhere that he wouldnt end up taking it with him ugh! morena> oh we found em alrite but i wont get them til friday lol buyin new ones tomorrow!

Viewing 15 posts - 119,896 through 119,910 (of 131,346 total)

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