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    slh1980, I knew from the day I O’d that I had conceived….it was just a peace that came over me, and I knew. Of course, I knew if I was wrong I was going to feel stupid, but it came back positive…so yes, you can get the ‘feeling’ without having any ‘feelings’…



    crazymomma – I ate hot dogs while I was PG, I was told that they had to be heated to ‘steaming hot’ and that kills the bad guys inside… same with lunch meat, just has to be heated to kill the germs. They still say to limit processed meats like that (and sausage and bacon, etc) because of high levels of nitrates, but I’m a bacon freak and ate it all the time anyway too 🙂



    Ha ha my husband gets a cold and he whines like a baby. I can’t even imagine if he went through half the back ache and cramps I go through every month. HA!


    collen…around 6 months. With my last child it took 3 months but since then cycles have been long so I started meds to help shorten them. OB specialist has no idea why because all of my labs looked great….how about you long ttc?



    HAHAH gator! it’s funny how something so stupid can get me laughing every time i see the NAV!



    implantation can occur anywhere between 3 – 14 dpo, but usually happens between 7-10dpo 🙂



    And that was just a ‘maybe’ date Arctic. In a few days you may see a temp jump that is much more obviously ovulation. How long are your cycles normally?



    happy holidays all..enjoy and cant wait till monday to hear about all the BFP’s over this weekend.


    Ok i sort of need some advice about how to convince my husband on having another baby. I just had a misscarage two weeks ago and now i feels so enpty and i want to try again but DH wants to wait awhile and i mean like one or two years but i cant wait that long. i have a 2year old daughter and a 1 year old son i want my kids close in age and i only want three. I want to get them all done and over with so when they go to school i can go back to school. Plus i see how close my two are now and i want then all to be that way me and my brother are three years apart and we dontn get along at all. I just want another baby so bad. Am i crazy or somthing. About the potty training thing i let my daughter walk around naked and when she did go in the potty we didi a dance and she then got a treat like a sucker or chocolate and it worked. It took about three weeks but she is now potty trained she only wears pull ups for nap and bed but i wet the bed untill i was 9 and so did DH so i was exspecting her to wet the bed also.


    Im still breathless, I still refuse to believe it…….Im so so so scared . Thanks everyone XX



    lol my DD is spoiled already and shes not even one….shes very saucy too so that may have to stop hahaha



    refin – Those definitely look positive from yesterday. What brand were they?



    Momma – you and I are in the same situation….well, I didn’t just have my child, but I feel like I may be PG….trying so hard not to run out and get a test right now to check, but at the same time im scared of it being neg.



    i know loopy, it is terrible re no 20 week scan, they did in some of the other hospitals but u only get allowed to go to certain hospitals & in mine they didnt offer 1, but we went private & got a 4d scan done at 25 weeks…..this time we’ll get the 12 week & 20 week & we may have another 4d scan, ill see how the funds look at the time lol



    Is it really that common to have negative HPTs, but positive bloodwork?

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