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    Well af is due tomorrow. Im kinda feeling like I may be out this month. Im starting to doubt all my ‘symptoms,’ but we will see. Im not going to test until im late.



    Sorry tbt but what to do that is Clomid side effect. When I was on clomid on year back I was feelinf same as you feel now. And now I am about to face it again. I posted message on you page have you seen that?



    Yep af showed up here today too! Wahhh! Congrats mrsbbunney!!



    LOL, glad I’m not alone! He does go all weird. jumps on me in the bed, breathes on me with beer breath and then actually ‘tweeks’ my nipples!! I mean WTH!? to be fair though if he’s not very drunk I might get him to BD as I should O soon! I do hate it though when they give a time. I dn’t care if he’s in late, I’d rather him not give a time! Otherwise I’m mad when he’s late!!



    ingodstime-Welcome♥ My husband is supportive in that he is ALL for the sex, but when I try to explain the science/timing process of it he just tells me ‘Oh wow, you know WAY too much!’ Lol, so yeah, unless you are married to an OB/GYN he probably wont get it…:)



    tk2 – I sure hope so! One time we won’t mind zits is if it means we’re pregnant! lol



    10dpo n bfn on Internet cheapie one step-10miu so looks like I am out ladies better look next cycle hey xxx



    man, i wish i had my BFP , target has the fisher price rain forest stuff on sale for up to 50-60% off!!! i want it for my bubba!



    herecomesno2 – have a read of this article, no idea if it helps you, but I hope it does



    Hi girls. Saw the doc today. Had a Rhogam shot for my negative blood type after Monday’s miscarriage. Doctor said I should be good to go If I wait one full cycle then try. That could be 6 weeks away! Yikes! Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry UP!



    CD 31 and still no AF but I tested yesterday and the day before using First Response Early Detection and I got two BFP’s. Do you think there is a chance I’m pregnant or is my body just playing tricks on me. I usually get AF on CD 28.



    poizineyevee-FX for you!! Sounds like you got all bases covered:-)…alugo- AGREED! I just texted DH to make sure he was NOT staying at work overtime,lol…sarahd- sore bbs were always my 1st symptom, but that didnt show up until almost AF was due..


    Hi ladies wondering if any body has experienced ovulation spotting???
    I thought I ovulated on the 23rd June, BD and then friday just gone 5th july – (sorry for tmi) I had jelly looking mucus with a light pink tint to it, the next in the evening again I had another lot of pink tinged jelly mucus with a small spot of red blood… I thought it may have been implantation bleeding but today I had negative tests. then did a little research that some people have Ovulation bleeding? or do you ladies have any ideas? =/


    Thanks toomany!



    Anyone else on cd2? So ready for Af to be gone already!

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