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    Cplamer – happy birthday girl!!



    AGAIN- CONGRATS TO BFP’S…well…the good news- it looks like AF is almost headed out the door- still a light to medium flow- but I’m def. not used to having a flow like this at all… had to cancel dr. appt with OB and he’s on vacay next I go back on the 16th for my check up for cysts…



    hey everyone!! congrats luvnit!! exciting! how are all the ladies doing!



    2 years ago to the day I was diagnosed with infertility both my tubes were blocked and 4 months ago I had a surgery to try and unblock them and they successfully unblocked one of my tubes. I have been on Clomid for the last 3 months and I am cd 24 11 dpo and Im hoping that this was our month Its been just over 3 years since we have started trying and I am so ready to be done try.


    sarah l – We love hearing what you guys are going through. I was just wondering if you talked on that page as well!! I was not try to make you feel unwelcome…I am sorry!!



    Liam, I guess I will also be at 2dpo tomorrow. Just curious what ur tezting date is.



    LC Melbourne – i am on CD5 and I have jsut started my first round of clomid today so I am now waiting for AF to clear so we can go for it and pray that I fall preggo lol


    4 dpo and glad I have cleaning and work to keep me busy for another week….but now I can get on here from my phone I am in love lol… Good luck ladies



    hey fairbanks yeah we just started ttc, had myrena coil in but did not agree with me so had it removed n decided to ttc. My son is 15 month. ty for welcomin me x



    ekkkk – Just took an OPK and its OHHH so close to being pos…looks like BD is on the agenda for the next couple days.tonight for sure! We are going to the Redskins/Cowboys game tomorrow I am going to have to beg SO to not get drunk so we can BD tomorrow night!!!! haha I will be taking another OPK later…both IC and digi to confirm…Im sure it will be pos later today or tomorrow!!



    I got tahlia heaps of different stuff. 🙂



    @ NeedABoy-Maybe2, dmmarinewife,alicia-n-baby,frenchie23,515baby. Thankyou ladies for all the kind words & wishes,it really does mean alot. Im hoping all of us testing tomorrow get our BFP’s !!!! Im still feeling queasy & the nerves are well & truely kicking in now. The day seems to be going by so slow becuase im hanging for the morning,Ugh ! Lol.. So excited for what tomorrow brings for not only me but for all my testing buddies. The Best of luck to you all !!!! 😀



    Okay, so Clomid turned me into a raging b*tch for a few days, but now it’s get busy time so life is better! 🙂



    Ok this is getting a little insane now I have had a possitive iipk for a week now I have them all posted at the end of my aobum if somone could help me out. I wish I would of tempped this cycle now so i would know what is going on atleast we still have been bding I guess



    Mine doesn’t like the lingerie either. He said it was pointless…it was just going to end up in the corner anyways. BUT constantly askes me when I’m gonna dance for him?!?!?!? I swear he confuses me!

Viewing 15 posts - 120,046 through 120,060 (of 131,346 total)

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