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    Hi ladies. We just decided to start trying this month, but then decided we wanted to wait one more month to see if we could have a baby around the holidays and get all that time off work…lol. I know it’s not likely that we conceived this month since we BD’d on day 16 and I didn’t O till day 20, but I can still hope. I’m 10dpo and have a crazy headache and have been a little more tired than usual. Slept for 10 hours last night and am still kind of dragging today. Has anyone ever BD’d 4 days before ovulation and still conceived?



    sammii- I have a friend who is going thru a similar thing her b/f had chemo and it killed his sperm and he is unwilling to get a donor. She loves him but her desire to have another baby out ways her love for him… her 2 year old son was killed. I think you need to sit down with him and tell him exactly how you feel spare no emotion. I think once they see how badly you want it they will be more inclined to give it another thought. Best of luck to you.





    Good morning ladies! Well AF has come to visit full force. Maybe I’m normalizing again after all this time because this makes a 28 day cycle and that’s what I used to be all the time. As you can see from my last blog, my dh and I are just going to let nature take it’s course. I’m not checking cp and cm any more and will be on here less. I can’t give it up totally though. Good luck to all the TTCr’s!



    Congrats Coco!!! That is wonderful news!!! Wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months!!!!!



    lol Tremac! I think tonight was indeed the very first time my Fiance has ever said


    and4eva – im going crazy!!! im normally regualar 28 days and today is cd53, 26 days late for af.. still getting neg hpts on internet cheapies.. but bought a frer yesterday and was bfn to.. ive been having loads of cm, not smelly or thick or anything, just lots of it and its wet if still not here on thursday i gotta go for my 3rd blood test.. i thought af was here on thursday nught cos had pink on the paper when i wiped and i thought yay shes here but then noting.. not evenn a drop after that.. so confused, so over it and just want to get af so i can start over with a new cycle…CONGRATS RYDER!! and sticky baby dust to all!!



    I wanted to pass this website along, I found it helpful, I asked when a fertilized egg implants and I found the answer to be simple, easy to understand.

    I told myself I was going to be laid back with trying to conceive baby 2 and it’ll happen when we are truly ready. Now that I’m in the 2WW I’m finding myself getting anxious, the wait is driving me nutty and my mind is starting to play tricks on me with symptoms even though I know it’s to early for pregnancy signs.



    oh yeah i also want to note i think i’m only 4-5 DPO



    I’m not TTC anymore but this last week I been having an very upset stomach and diarrhea and my stomach in still upset do you’ll think that this is a sign of pregnancy??? because everyone kep asking me if I’m pregnant and I tell them no but I really not sure since we have been having unprotected sex!



    Woozie, more women seem to get BFNs at 9DPO than BFPs. Wait a couple more days to test again. 11 – 12 DPO is much better for accurate results. As long as your cervix remains closed that is the main thing – it can rise or fall, get firm and soften again – it might not take on a real pregnant feel of high, soft and closed for a couple of weeks after a BFP. Sleeping nude, or with an extra blanket won’t impact your BBT – your core temp is fairly stable and won’t get thrown off by minor changes around you while you sleep (unless you wake up sweating bullets or freezing your butt off!)… now if you sleep with your mouth open and temp orally, your temp can be off a little due to that.



    Hi taz – I was just reading about flying in early pregnancy, and as I am high risk, I dont think I will be allowed 🙁 I will talk to my boss tomorrow, then to my doctor on 18th Dec.
    Kitz – I know you have been through this before. I know its really really hard, but with a calm head does it look as bad a last time or is it more like spotting?



    I have a question. I started to TTC in january and my first cycle off the pill was 25 days. Its now been 28 days and still no AF. I took a test today and it said neg it was a rexal brand test that you can take when your late. Is the first cycle after coming off the pill usually shorter than the rest?


    No bding, just had plain unadultrated really good sex. Paid dh 3 dollars for it. LMAO



    and besides… I’m a total POAS freak!! :o) And it’s nice to have hope

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