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    Luvmykiddos I. Did the clomid, had the swimmers washed and then IUI. The clomid helps thicken your lining too just thought you might want to know. I’m also taking progesterone just to make sure and when you take progesterone after you ovulate you stay on them (if pregnant) for the first tri. Then the placenta takes over. I’m 6dpo and hoping this all works out this. Month.



    aubree – I know where you are coming from. My OH does nights every 5 weeks and for some reason it always seems to fall when I am most fertile. It is so hard to fit any BDing in as we only have about 2 hours together from when I get back to him going out and he has to eat in that time too. He has suggested that, instead of OPKs and the possibility of temping, we just BD every day – pointed out that would be fab so long as he’s not on nights again!!!



    mari1215- LOL Glad I gave you a laugh! 🙂 I certainly got a good laugh when I watched the show!


    eve2ndbaby – thanks, I am not too disappointed as we had only decided to try for another but the hope was still there lol as I no my dates this month I have already worked out roughly when I will be ovulating and I just ordered some ovulating strips off ebay so I have warned my partner to be ready lol



    Congrats Brandyleigh and Luv on your BFP’s!!! Hoping for sticky beans and a happy healthy 9 months for you both!! 🙂



    Hey Ladies, Thanks to everyone that had kind of responses. I had a mental meltdaoen with the whole ttc, just frustrated. Today when I wipe I actually notice spotting but later this afternoon the spotting had stopped, I feel cramps on and off not like AF cramps just lighter but who knows Af could be on her way, she isn’t due until sept 7th. I ordered some Preseed and more ovulation tests today gearing up for next month if Af decides to show her face



    Well, made a fertility doc apt, this will all be out of pocket for us, it’d be funny if I go Thursday and am already pregnant. I’ll be 10dpo by then, wonder if they’d be able to pick it up, hmm, haha. Congrats on that bfp Holts. fx for the rest of us.



    Lawwa, I used to be so outgoing and was the one that everyone thought was always comfortable meeting new people and going out with new people… I’ve been relying on my husband so much since we got married that I’m a big scaredy cat now. Plus, they want to go to this super popular place where people are here go to watch sports games and drink and have fun, which means huge crowds and although I JUST started AF this morning so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have one drink, I’ve just never, even when I was really outgoing, a large crowd, party kind of girl. IDK… maybe they’re just going for some dinner, which is fine, but I will be miserable if they’re going to get wild.



    Pregprincess- are u using the ic to test? If so, mind just started to get dark and it’s been over a week since I got my bfp. Have you tried using a first response test? I know there $$$ and I wouldn’t want u to waste ur money for nothing but u never know.


    hello everyone!! im new to this site!! i have been ttc for 5 months now!! im so ready to be pregnant!!! 🙂 i have a 19 month old boy and i got pregnant with him while i was on the pill!! so everyone told me i should have no problems getting pregnant!! i guess god will give me a baby when its the right time!! anyways good luck to everyone! 🙂



    Hey terriann! It must be very frustrating for you with DH away! At least the kids can keep you busy! We only managed to BD once during my fertile days as I was so ill, so it will be quite something if I get my BFP in the next few days! I’m not hopeful but I’m one day late, had a little brown discharge when I went to the bathroom yesterday but nothing else yet! Not wasting an HPT until i’m 3 days late!



    thanks Vodka and Dee – not engaged yet htough..still time fo r him to realise he can do better!!



    Heather8912 I’ve never experienced that. I know there is a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy but if your sure no one is smoking or sneaking a smoke IDK. Mamagris Sending prayers and sticky dust your way. I to have have 4 first trimester miscarriages most recent being September 4th. I am currently half way through the TWW at 7DPO. I am in South Buffalo and we just got a good 6 feet of snow and have not been able to leave our home since Monday. They even had pedestrian bans till about 7am this morning. National guard is everywhere trying to un-bury us and although people can go out on streets and walk only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads. Temps are supposed to rise to 50s tomorrow and then we will have really bad flooding. SO all the weather issues here and all the shoveling we are doing has kept me busy and is making this tww go by nicely.



    taren c- discharge like that also means the beginning or end of a cycle. I was just at the doctor on Monday and she told me my cycle was coming because of the discharge and sure enough it came the next day. BUt if you are itching then it is more likely a yeast infection



    Hang tight Jen, the bleed you had seems to have stopped, and the blood that was in your uterus from the source of the bleed has to come out, so expect the brown spotting to keep up. Keep in mind that one little drop of blood can tinge a lot of CM and last as spotting for longer than you’d think. The uterus may just be adjusting to a little embryo burrowing in – that little critter is literally drilling a hole in your uterine wall right now, and that can cause a little bleed. I can’t tell you for sure that everything is ok, as pregnancy is always a risky venture, but for now, things don’t seem to be ‘all bad.’

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