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    Kerriann, just like it is normal to ovulate early, it is also just as normal to ovulate late 🙂 The main thing is you ovulated, and are now in the 2WW – good luck!!



    Good morning ladies…just to let you know i am still alive!!! I had no net connection over xmas 🙁 So, I apologise to rainbowrach and rooey, thank you ladies for worrying about me 🙂 I have lost touch with who has been getting bfp’s….fill me in!!



    AF showed up early after a 25 day cycle. BOOO! I wonder what’s up with my cycles? The last few months went 28, 25, 28 and now 25 again. Frustrating! Im starting ovulations sticks this month.



    diane, i think i know why my temps are still up and why AF was so late now, i was supposed to stop taking my prometium cd28 unless i was PG but i thought i was PG so i kept taking it (oops) so it messed me up, hopefully my cycle wont be messed up this month….



    Well i’m in the TWW and it seems like it takes forever. Hopefully this is our month!! If not we’re on to month #9.



    That he’ll get bored and start acting up, daddy usually keeps him laughing while I shop, compair and find coupons. I don’t shop well if I’m under pressure ;0)



    Sarajane tell yur friend to go straight to her doctors!



    Dawn- did u ever try clomid? Just wondering, because I know a few ppl who had success with that. I had a friend who had 2 kids, and then couldn’t seem to have the third. she tried for 4 years and then clomid worked for her..and she had twins!



    im so confused! yesterday 5dpo i had mild cramps on my left side, a headache and diarrhea (tmi sorry). this morning i woke up and still had mild cramping, brushed my teeth and the toothpaste was red and then i threw up after a sip of coffee! isnt it too early for these things to happen? af isnt due till the 29th. any thoughts?



    I have a Q. I’ve started tracking my BBT, CM, and also taking OPK’s. Yesterday there was a rise in temp which meant I ovulated on or around the 9th. I didn’t get a positive OPK until yesterday, but my CM isn’t EW yet. What the heck is going on? Can anyone help? Hubby and I BD yesterday once with pre seed and once without. Just in case. Can anyone help? I’m so confused. I also have a minor cold could that make a difference. Thanks so much in advance!



    SATUCKER- I have wondfo pregnancy tests too! I got 25 for $2.35. I am soooo excited since I am a POAS addict! I haven’t gotten any BFPs with them, but I’ve read reviews of women who have gotten a BFP as early as 9-10 DPO. So I think they work just as well as the regular. I was surprised how small they were, but oh well. For about $0.10 a test, ya can’t beat that.



    thanks Ladies but right now i really hope am not pregnant and i have done a stupid thing accepting to do an SIS .. did any of u do that before??


    Hi everyone, ‘m about 5dpo i think, the symptoms i got so far, is sore achy bbs (even though i get slight achy bbs in normal cycle), and crampin, man cramps are annoying, woke up early this morning wih cramps like AF, bu AF isn’t due til next thursday or next weekend.. Just hope its a good sign and I could possibly be getting BFP… fingers crossed..
    Good luck to those who are in 2ww with loads of baby dust, andthinkin of those who are still tryin, and grats to those who received thier BFP



    lol bd’ing is becoming a way of life! lol



    Thank you for the congrats! I have a question.. should probably post in the pregnancy room but you ladies are so much nicer and much more informative….. I’ve been constantly dizzy since yesterday around 7pm after getting out of the swimming pool. Could this be a symptom of pregnancy? a symptom of something going wrong? or just water in my ear…. i feel off balance… like im sitting on the ocean and the waves keep pushing me back and forth.. if I lean little to one side… i literally fall over and have to make sure i have something to catch myself on. Any suggestions?

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