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    hey just taking a break from studying..hows everybody? CD 55 for me..What a Effed up cycle this has been. I really dont think Im pg though, and have held off testing because I’m not tired ..I’m actually more refreshed than usual. Oh well, it’s all good..I’m in a pretty good mood these days surprisingly! Hey so any count on BFPs this mth?


    So my DH and I are bd’ing like rabbits right now trying to get it out of my system before I have my surgery and won’t be able to bd for weeks! I don’t think we’ll be able to stop ourselves through ovulation (OV should be the week before my surgery) we we’re trying to hold off getting pregnant until after I heal from my surgery. Here’s my question, do you think it’d be harmful if I were just pregnant when I have surgery? Implantation won’t have even happened yet. It’s to repair my 4th degree laceration from my daughters birth.



    sara – humm i was kind of wondering the same thing. my CP is kind of high and i guess it’s soft? but i’ve never checked my CP before so i dont know what is normal for me



    jambnell i know how you feel when it comes to faint positive.. i always get em on dollar test even within 2 minutes but tehre evap lines. it sucks… && too gokatiego usually 9-12 days after ovulation is when you can start testing.. just remember just because its negative dosent mean negative until af shows.



    Remember that constipation is an early preg sign.
    It was actually my first symptom with my daughter, but I did not pick up on it.



    Yay onemoretime!! I am also 10 DPO. Have you posted a picture of your test?



    I shouldnt have changed my chart cuz now it looks like I could have ovulated earlier then what my chart says….lol Oh well, I will see what happens when this cycle is over or not over…lol



    At least you know you werent imagining it 🙂



    \Well, got to feed the little one. Talk to] you all later!



    Just tested..and negative. So does that mean i’ve ovulated?and when is DPO1?



    thanx, my husband and i have no doubt except if my symptoms could be the after shock of the miscarr, but my body is really screw if it takes this long.



    well least you have 2 more tests to wait if you miss your period! 🙂 don’t get down about it though it will happen



    becky18 – I had my first two ‘periods’ when I conceived my son. The only reason I knew I was pregnant was because AF was a day late and I decided to test…had I held out three more days AF like bleeding started and I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant. Besides being EXTREMELY tired I didn’t have any pregnancy symtoms until I was about 7-8 weeks along.



    Sscole- congrats!!! I will send you prayers and sticky baby dust. I took a prego test today and it was a bfn 🙁 My lmp was the 3rd of July so now I am bummin… I am going to take one with fmu tomorrow. Today’s was done mid-day and watered down. Congrats again!!!!



    hey ladies! im not new to this site but im new to this forum. im excited to say after i get my iud removed thursday we will be trying for baby number 2 🙂 so excited that my husband is finally on board. baby dust to all!!!

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