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    Read up on it Left, there are some risks to consider. CPalmer has info blogged on her page. I have it added to the TTC section of my website too (link is on my page).


    Feeling butterflies down below. Hope it’s a good sign. Been taking evening primrose oil, folic acid and multivitamins with iron so I’m hoping that egg is embedding in my uterus 3-) pleaseeeeee


    Armywife08:just wanted to let you know and anybody else that you can’t demand who comes and go from this forum whether there are ttc,pregnant or already have children,this is a supportive site a lot of the women that are pregnant was on this site a long time before you,so please keep it clean.


    Hey Ladies! I am now 2 dpo and bd from the 15th untill today the 22nd. ovulation was the 20th wish us luck. we have been ttc for 2 months now! hope this is our month 🙂
    Baby Dust to everyone!


    tarajo i’m day 12 of 30 day!


    Congratulations babgirl. Wish you a happy and healthy 9 months



    if you go to there are alot of interesting stats on test results and symptoms



    I am 13 DPO and tested negative. Can I still be pregnant?



    Sarah’s blood hCG doubled! Baby is doing just fine 🙂



    hi ladies, sorry to bud in. im just really worried and posted in my week with no responce. well my lmp was 8-19, i do have pcos and have semi normal periods with about a 34 day cycle. i got a faint positive test on 9-19, then cont to take and they just got darker and darker. well i had ultrasound today and it is measuring 4weeks2days. im really scared something is wrong. i did buy 2 more test and they are both very dark where the test line is lighter than the positive line… how did i find out on 9-19 and only measure at 4weeks2days. it was a belly ultrasound also…
    please help with any advice if you can, im a nervou wreck



    Cherry – right on, stay strong 😀


    congrats ravae! dmmarinewife that is too funny LOL! Alicia! how are you feeling?? since ur my cycle buddy and were most likely a day apart im curious if were experiencing any of the same symptoms? today was 5dpo for me. still running a fever..between 98.9 and 99.3..and only felt a few twinges of pain today again. the 19th needs to hurry up and get here! Works still going great! alot of financial things to learn but im a very fast learner…tomorrow manager and I have court to go to! this oughta be fun! client prolly wont even show up for the court date though! lots of love and luck ladies!!!!! ***babydust****



    sooo ive got cramping, sleepy-ness, CRAZY dreams, i guess im about 7 dpo, i have gotten bfn with fmu and kinda disappointed, but still in the game.



    Krissieh yeah that would be great!! The folic acid question: my gyn told me that one dose everyday is plenty enough for the body to maintain a healthy pregnancy. So check with a doc b4 doubling up.



    Hiya Katie 🙂 I’m good thanks! How about yourself?

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