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    oh im soooo sorrrry.. alicia-n-baby thanks for welcoming me!!!



    You’re right, they do look that way – hormone levels can vary, and so can the dye on the strips.



    FX for you! Keep us posted!



    AF is due the day after tomorrow and i’m pretty sure she is going to show. i started to get crampy last night on my right side, i feel it now too. it doesnt feel like a period cramp though, more like someone is poking me . that probably doesnt make sense. LOL


    Thanks Mommy:)) My FX for you as well! Congrats BRITMON!! Hope you have a healthy and happy nine months!!!



    So I have been obsessing about when is a positive OPK truly a positive OPK, as I have read mixed things about what to do when you have more than 24 hours of positives. Some things I read stated if multiple days of positives then add 12 – 48 hours to the last positive day to determine ovulation… other things I had read stated to stop testing with OPKs after your first positive, and add 12 – 48 hours to that. So after posting on several fertility related websites, and calling three OPK manufacturers… the results are in…. drumroll please…. the first OPK that is a TRUE positive (where there is no question about it being as dark as or darker than the control strip) is the one to believe…. BUT if you continue to get positives then continue to BD, just in case your ovulation is delayed. LH can indeed hang around even if you have ovulated, and in levels as high as surge levels! ClearBlue was the only manufacturer to acknowledge that a surge does not guarantee ovulation, and even after one positive OPK, it is possible to have a second surge later in the month where ovulation actually happens. The Answer OPK people practically guaranteed that not only did I ovulate on the first positive OPK, but that I was now certainly pregnant thanks to Answer OPKs! Ummm, sorry hubby, you get no credit ๐Ÿ˜‰ (lol – I never even used OPKs this month… I was ‘posing’ as an Answer OPK user… I used them back in April, does that count?) So the moral is – BD anyways, at least until the week before you expect AF.



    yes agape – i was told by my dr that a line is a line no matter how faint… maybe a frer is in order! FX for you! I will keep my FX for you too liamandparkersmommy! I hope even if you do get a pos opk when your hubby is gone all the extra bd’ing will catch that egg ๐Ÿ™‚ Feeling so tired and gross right now… ugh… just want to go lay down ๐Ÿ™


    luvababe – you can find out where you are with the ovulation calendar to the left of the screen!



    This site is getting on my nerves!!! If it’s not the comment box playing a disappearing act it’s taking forever to load things. I just added a few more pics to my profile and changed my profile pic and it took forever!!!! Blah. Anyways, just playing the waiting game here, I thought I was about 6dpo but if I go by my first opk which was Monday, I probably ovulated sometime early Tuesday so I’m probably only 5dpo. I hate to be a debbie downer but I am not very optimistic. Only bding once on the day of my pos opk, I mean if it was that simple we’d all get pregnant that easily right. This is month #10 ttc #2 and it’s getting so hard to keep my spirits up. I went 5 yrs ttc #1 and definately do not have that in me this time around. I have an appointment this my obgyn on the 28th of this month so hopefully he has some suggestions on what we can do to help out. I did 3 rounds of clomid ttc #1 and have already done 7 rounds this time and decided to quit it because it’s a nasty drug and the past 3 cycles I have ovulated on my own so I guess we need to buckle down and catch the egg!!!! Congrats to the bfp’s and gl to everyone testing soon!!! I think I will test on Friday.



    It is a medication that my fertility dr perscribed me to get my body ovulating reguarly as I have PCOS which prevents this



    Liams- Hope your two wks pass quickly! Maddy’s- I def went thru my share of test over the past year your not alone!! lol I would wait till at least 5 days till AF, your just setting your self up for dissapointment sweety I wouldn’t want you to go through that more than you have to that is why I now wait… Happy BDing ZZ Goodluck!! Loon- My BBs have done that to me before AF too so I can’t count it as a sign anymore ๐Ÿ™ amw- My fingers are crossed for ya! ๐Ÿ™‚


    ArcticArlz – Good luck. I hope he is successful!!


    thanks alicia :D… i soo hope that i do O this month as im sure af wouldnt of came if it wasnt for provera.. i do hope u get a +OPK this evening or tomorrow… GL ๐Ÿ˜€



    good, she didnt tell me anything i dont already know lol she did and internal exam and said my ovaries dont feel enlarged either and dispite my BBT chart she thinks i O’d and if not that i def will, oh yeah and im not allowed temp anymore lmao



    Hi ladies, I have my fingers crossed for all those testing tomorrow. Bring on those BFP!

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