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    seeg I would test again with FMU and leave it be til then. You don’t want to drive yourself mad. I know you want to know for sure 100% with no questions I would be the same way.



    It was negative. 🙁 heart broken for another month…



    Lisa, I meant at least your husband ISN’T ha ha my bad



    Heya ladies…im still around.Trying to keep level headed and patient as af was due two days ago yet my tests are still negative.With my last two pregnancies I didn’t test positive with a frer until my period was about 4 days late so im not sure if that’s the case now or just wishful thinking.



    hey ladies….wondering if we all feel like this for those that have been trying for many months… period comes, I am devestated the first half a day when I realize this is another bust month. By the 2nd day of my cycle I am becoming optomistic about the month ahead. By the end of my period (about day 5 of my cycle) I totally feel ‘this is the month’. I start preparing for ovulation and actually picture conceiving this month as if it will be so easy. Ovulation comes, still have complete confidence in this month. By 7 days past ovulation (1 week before my period is due), my total mind shifts. I start second guessing this month, thinking about ‘why us’. By a couple days before my period is due, I am utterly depressed and think WTF….why can’t we get pregnant (all before I even get my period. Then my period comes, I get depressed for half a day, start getting excited for the upcoming month, and the cycle goes on the same.
    Does anyone else feel like their feeling are exactly the same each month?



    lmao some people do complain waaay too much.Pregnancy is such a blessing and they are lucky to be having a baby! At the same time I understand complaining if its a difficult pregnancy.Like constant severe heartburn….man that was sooo hard on me when I was pregnant,but then after my third I found out my gallbladder needed to be removed cause it was full of stones.I have heard pregnancy can stimulate the gallbladder problems for woman though,and I know I never had them before my first pregnancy.



    Im crossing my fingers to all the ladies who are testing soon. Wishing you all luck!!! Im on cycle day 9 and a bit bummed out cause this is my fourth month of hard trying. I know that isnt that long, and others have probably been trying for a lot longer, but geex time goes slow when you watch every month, after month, after months. Constantly charting, taking temps, checking CF, praying for no AF and having lots of BD. Stress less and try to enjoy the ride!! Anyone else feel the same?



    Thanks everyone! It’s still so surreal and I can’t believe how soon I had lines and then a true bfp at 10 dpo



    Hey ttc buddies. Found this good website for ttc’ers



    Sher-baby I started to feel what felt like implantation pain about 30 hrs before my faint bfp and my breast was more tender than normal about 10 hrs prior to bfp. I am pretty sure i am just 8 dpo today. excited i wont be dealing with af this weekend while camping. Keeping my fingers crossed for you ladies. Alliegirl that would be awesome! Sher baby………… go test lol. I’m such an enabler



    eeslavens – I’d recommend that you leave it at least 8 -10 days from when you think you O’d as implantation can take 4 – 6 days and the hCG another 4 days to show up enough to register. Baby dust to you!!!



    One thing I did notices yesterday, while I was inhailing a burrito like it was going to grow legs an run away…. I noticed it tasted really salty. I usually like salty food but this was kind of bothering me. DH tried it and said it tasted fine… So I was like ‘hmm!!..’ Oh we’ll that’s it!! Pretty boring huh?? Lol no fun symptoms over here!!!



    thank you



    Mrs bugs my girls are defo keeping me busy. Youngest is nearly 14 weeks old n is defo the easiest out of the 3 of them 🙂 x



    kat- if you have realized thing are a bit rocky , u have to remember the strain a newborn puts on a relationship, perhaps hold fire few months an see how u go, all relations have bad patches as well as good, and in this day an age careers with children are very possible xxxx sening love to u xxx

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