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    lets add a new symptom to my list: nausea! I am so hoping this is it…


    Obsucrette – believe me I have my days, but dwelling on it makes it worse. I tell myself over and over, look for the silver lining; it is there, always. Sometimes it is really faint but if you look you will find it.



    at 4DPO my temp went way down – now at 5DPO it went up over a degree. What the heck is up with that? Does it mean my cycle is all messed up? Please share if you know!! Thanks!



    Well if anyone shoudl hide under a rock it’s me I’m 31 going on 32!!!



    Congrats momma v.. Lots of bfp’s this month, let’s keep them going!!!



    Cheery- what is your dpo?



    Thanks 07Babe! its really confusing.. because I am 13days late.. I took a slew of HPT all negative, and a few days ago I had a blood test.. my hcg was -2… then yesterday I thought AF came, but it was just for the day, pretty light and pinkish/brownish… and today there is even less of a pinkish brownish.. I BD the day I had my blood work done… so since obviously my cycle is all sorts of messed upI dont know if I happened to ovulate and might be having implantation bleeding now? or if I still have a screwy cycle… Im nervous because I have a HSG scheduled for next week friday… and that would be 8 days past start day of possible implantation bleeding..



    I hate suduko! I hate math, and suduko reminds me of that. I do like words, so word puzzles and word finds are great.



    Andy– When were you due for AF??



    Thanks Sarah- I know it means an increase in progesterone levels. Here’s the thing–after ovulation, I didn’t have much cm at all. Then today- 5dpo, I have a lot of it. Here’s to hoping. Good luck to you!



    ana osborne THANKYOU!!! Very true..



    HA-HA, I love the butter & diaper cream mix up…THANKS for the laugh Sarah. Thank goodness my DS’s Butt doesn’t seem to mind generic diapers, I buy BJ Warehouse brand, and they’re about $10-$20 a box less then Huggies & Pampers.



    Hello ladies. I was wondering any of you who are temp what should I be looking for as it is my first time doing so. I have been keeping track but it is like a yoyo up and down. If I O it might be a late one since I take metformin and clomid to bring it on. However, I have bd every other day just to be safe. Also started using pre-seed. Any Canadian ladies wondering where to get it I have a blog with the info for all of Canada. Any other ladies if you go to there is a spot to locate store (where sold) and it will list them. If you live outside the USA there is a spot for international. Click on it and you can put the first letter of where you live in and it will list it. For Canada it was a main sup so I had to click on that and go from there. Gl everyone.



    sorry ladies gotta hang out w/hubby. talk to you tomorrow. i love you guyz, when no one listen you are hear even if it’s a few hours lata…:)



    Thanks ladies =) I think I’m gonna go for it. Maybe I’ll wait until the 26th that way it’s a day later than one cycle date and about the time for an early test on the later cycle. If I end up with a BFN at the end of all of this, then I’m going to give up on intuition and ‘paying attn to what my body is telling me’ and all that jazz. There’s just too many changes in me!

Viewing 15 posts - 120,811 through 120,825 (of 131,346 total)

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