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    I wish the 24th would just get here already, I need some answers. Yesterday I woke up with sore BB’s so I broke down and took my last HPT which was a BFN =(….. I still have that ”im pregnant” and to top it off this morning when I woke I could barely touch my Breasts because they hurt so bad, Which in the past has been my ONLY sign of pregnancy…. I wish I had just 1 more hpt but hubby wont get anymore since we have that Dr appointment in 6 days….



    Grrrr…. ladies. I am so frustrated! My husband and I have been ttc for over a year. We decided to find a Dr that does IUI to move things along faster. (with our first child it took us three years) So, we saw the specialist in Jan. And after doing ALL the tests I ALREADY did…. this month we are finally ready to go. After a round of clomid and two ultrasounds later- no mature follicles. The frustrating thing- is I normally do ovulate. But it’s like ever since we made the decision to do this my body has been on strike! I know I shouldn’t let myself get stressed out but I can’t help it! Sooooo frustrating!



    chrissi i took one of those yesterday and got a BFN, so i dunno


    has just had an argument on Facebook – that apparently I dont need OPK’s, I just need to chart my AF’s. Well, just to vent, I dont get AF at all! I dont know when im due/not due and cant very well do that. Im trying the OPK’s to see if Im ovulating at all before my doc will take any further action. =( Some people……hmph….. Going to go cry in my corner!



    C – bummer about the nose, lots of sleep and fluids is all my mommy ever told me 😀



    Hey ladies… Today is finally cd1 for me. I thought I was out until august but SO doesn’t want to wait and said he really wants a baby so I’m officially back! This cycle was 41 days long and so far normal. Excited for this month!



    hi ladies, i use teh ovulation calculator on this website. is it accurate? i’m 28 cyclw and last af was 6/15/09. the web told me i will start fetile 6/26/09 and most fertile on 6/28/09. then ovoulate on 6/29/09. my guess is you want to be bd on the most fertile and ovulating day?


    Christine – I was thinking that too but when I got pregnant with my first I had bought 8 boxes of tampons right before!!! Lol Had to give them all away so I think since I just bought 36 pregnancy tests, 50 ovulation tests and 300 vitex pills it might be the same luck?? LOL



    amy- can i just start off with 200mg or should i start with what the bottle says mine ar 80mg and it says take 2



    thanks sunflower yea we will get through it and u have just as much hard time as well…… the more i look at the test i think i can see a line but its only in my head wishful thinking me thinks



    THANKS Arctic!!!!! night ladies!



    3blessings- I dry up quite a lot too. So it is usually a good indication of O. I was really dry yesterday so maybe I have O’d and missed it when we were away. Just as well we christened our new camper trailer a few times;)


    Oops…I think I got the bbq thing wrong…LOL..BUT HAVE FUN NO MATTER WHAT EVERBODY! It is the weekend!!



    @ lovemylilbub – absolutely!!! Best sign there is. EWCM usually either acures the day of ovulation, one day before, or two days before. It is meant to nurture the sperm in the s curves of the cervix until the egg is released.



    I just hope to get a positive opk this month. If I even got a positive opk, even if I didn’t get pregnant, I would feel like I accomplished something.

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