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    Hi alanaw! Nice to meet you. I sure hope you get a BFP soon! Are you feeling like this is your month?



    thanx lovin, i jst cant seem 2 stop cryin…soz for bringin a dampner 2 the forum :'(



    My doula and childbirth teacher said the same thing…when mothers hit the 6 month post-partum, they want another baby. True, weird and freaky!



    He’s great! When I got stretch marks, he said don’t worry it’s part of your history now, it shows the physical journey you’ve taken to become a mummy. He says the same thing about my c-section scar, it was opening to the first time he laid eyes on our precious little girl. Sorry if that’s a little pukey, he’s a very macho man’s man most of the time, but he has his moments and is very supportive, I know I’m lucky! Where did everybody go, it’s always very quiet in here in the mornings but I bet it’s because we’re on a different time zone! I really should go and do some housework and study, I didn’t do any over the weekend as we had a family photoshoot on saturday and itr was my god daughter’s second birthday party so I’m way behind!


    ok thx…….lol, now how do i figure out when ovulation is



    Congrats Debih!! I think it will be a good day for BFPs 🙂



    Gator, site kept crashing, is your chart up?… gonna go peek 🙂



    14-dpo and a stinken bfn… dangit!!



    Ok- i wasent really gonna ask but now im starting to wonder- My doc had put me on 1 round of birth control pills (yaz) before after my ectopic pregnancy. She wanted to get me on a regular cycle before i started the Clomid. My last AF was 2-15. I started the pill the following Sunday. Well its almost been a week since i took the last pill and still no AF. When i went in for my appt on 3-11 they did a urine pregnancy test. It was a BFN. I didnt think i could be pregnant but?!?!?! Any adivce or ideas?!?


    waitin for baby…. yes it would. Even thought 2 dpo I started feeling really sick now its 10 dpo and I still feel stick!! Still getting the BFN so maybe I just have a bug its only our first month TTC so we will see what is going on here in a few days :)!!



    Diane– Not the easiest thing to remember but so true! 🙂


    the other thing too …. is I still have left over OPK’s and they are still showing postive …. I had a postive the day before I ovulated … then 2 days of complete negatives last week and then 2 postives this week?? I know opk shouldn’t replace HPT but i read that they CAN detect early pregnancy … opk was positive earlier this week and positive opk yesterday ….


    Hoping AF stays away for you – i still have a long way to go yet im 3DPO – the longest 2wks in a month



    @ Proud, I agree with Emma! POAS immediately!


    fingers crossed mummy

Viewing 15 posts - 12,106 through 12,120 (of 131,346 total)

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