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    question for you ladies. So I started my AF on 2-23 it lasted until about the 27th or 28th. this month I am using the clearblue digital test.the test tells you if you are not fertile…fertile and then peak fertility. yesterday I took it and i was not fertile. today i took it and i was at peak perfitily. Im confused, there should have been a just fertile stage between there but there wasnt. my cycles are usually between 30 and 35 days long. I did however notice my boobs were sore and i was crampy ever since my period ended which is unusual. but i feel like i am dry? although i havent really paid much attention to that since i wasnt expecting to ovulate this soon. anyone else use this thing and have something like that happen?



    lol clara that was me this month cb monitor cb opks preseed temps u name it i did it hoping to catch the egg this month for sure the amount of bding we did was unreal lol sorry bout bfn but theres still time! fx for u x



    My body is finally feeling normal today. A bit of a bummer, because I would have loved a BFP, but at least I’m not going crazy wondering. I’m sure AF will be here in about 6 days. Then I can start fresh the right way. I hope to keep seeing BFPs pop up here, though!



    HELLO Everyone…
    i was a member of this site awhile back when i was pregnant with my second son. He is now almost 1 (april) and we are thinking of having a third baby…
    I have read on the internet of ways to greater your chances of having a girl, Altough i came to this site because i Loved it, and was wondering if you or anyone you know has had 2 boys and then a little girl…as we are both wanting a little princess…I am not sure if this is in the right fourm or not, but we are looking into TTC very shortly. Please comment if you know any information!! Thank you so much, and i am very happy i am back on this site. It helped me very much!



    Shay- nooooo….don’t test! I thought we were waiting until the 5th!!!….I’m not goig to lie tho, I wanted to test this morning but I had to pee soooo bad, I could stop to get a test. I had some minor cramping yesterday and even more so after we dtd…meh! I’m not reading into it too much. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a bfn but I had a dream last night that I got a BFP…



    for you ladies that would like to have a peek i’ve uploaded some family pic’s was bored lol



    Morning Ladies…I haven’t been on much these last few days. but i’m on CD 6 and AF is pretty much done. i’ve been a good girl and checking my bbt every morning since CD2. luv – that deff sounds like a sign from god!! and I’m glad that both you and DM seem to be in a really calm place mentally and spiritually. Maybe that’s will be the trick for you guys this time!! you both are in my thoughts and prayers!! you too Alohamom3..i know you have been on this TTC journey for far too long!! its well past your time to get a sticking BFP, so you too are in my prayers! I, on the other hand, haven’t yet worked up the balls yet to talk to DH about confirming that he still wants to ttc this summer. I hope he does. I had a dream I had a baby a couple nights back and DH had said that he’s not surprised because he knows it’s on my mind everyday…so that made me happy to know that he’s aware of how badly I want this!! But nothing ever goes very smoothly for me. The baby mother from hell has been trying to serve DH with court documents for almost a week now. I’m not sure why as he is paying more than the table amount for child support as is, and has been since December (when the child was born). She constantly sends him emails saying she needs his help, she can’t do this by herself..etc. **my opinion ( I hope I don’t offend anyone) : I guess she should of thought about that before she decided to be manipulative and try to use a baby to force a man to be with her!!** So I’m imagining that she wants the courts to order him to pick up the child or to actually make him become present in the child’s life…who knows!! But no court can physically make a person (man or woman) participate in a child’s life, so I don’t know what she’s really trying to do at this point! I’m pretty sure DH is a little stressed and/or bothered by it, but he’s actually doing a good job with handling it, if he is stressed. Anywhoo…that’s just a bit of what’s been going on with me…its always one thing after the next!! I’m still looking and waiting for my break!..doesn’t look like its coming any time soon!



    LoL! Monica-You said it perfectly!!! I was thinking September would be a good month to have a baby. Guess not! :/



    Aaaaand dh just came home and told me one of his friends at work is pregnant!!…like wtf!!! (Sorry!)



    AF is teasing me… normally goes 1st thing in the morning… hasn’t shown up at all today and got a BFN… BOO!!



    Hi ladies and congrats to the bfps! !! I am due for a today and no sign of her. Bfn on ebay cheapie but cervix high and closed. Creamy cm. Not like me at all. I get spotting before AF. My previous press didn’t show positive until a week after late AF so hopeful. I have cramps. Milder than yesterday. Anyone else have these symptoms? I used pressed that’s it this month and that’s it! Wish me luck ladies!



    For the question on TTC’ing we’ve just started but with my son it was first shot. We were on our honeymoon on a cruise and BD’ed everyday sometimes more then once so when I was going to test I just thought I just have to be. LOOPYLOU24- Not sure about the cm I normally wouldn’t get it close to AF but for the cramps I have them too started this morning and still have them



    holz8519- WOW!! Congrats!!! So awesome!! 🙂



    Thanks Lawwa! I hate waiting!!! I think I’m driving my DH crazy with all the baby talk! Everytime we go to the drugstore we pick up tests to put in the cabinet! I’m just ready for a BFP!!!! Baby Dust to you too!!!



    I’m feeling quite queasy but I’m wondering if it’s my prenatal vitamins as I remembered they made me nauseous last time! So I don’t think it can be a symptom of pg as I felt like this last month! Just concentrating on eating healthy and exercising to lose a few pounds! I’m 25lbs overweight so 10lbs lighter would be a good start!! Already lost 3lbs in a week!

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