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    A good friend of mine has been ttc for the last year. I told her about this website but she hasn’t joined yet. I also told her about using Robatussin and I gave her some OPK test. She is now 8 dpo and she thinks it worked. She is having PG symptoms on her 1st try of using Robatussing and OPK. Go Figure! I am happy for her but, when am I going to have some luck!!! Babydust all around!!!!



    I was just hunting for Rexall’s mIU – can’t find it anywhere! Most store brands are 25 – 50 mIU these days though.


    SARA- from the depths of my heart I am so sorry for your loss. If you ever need to vent, or yell, or scream or anything to a complete stranger ( I did many times-and you know what-it helped a little) please feel free to contact me-I will listen to you ANYTIME, I cant imagine the sadness that you must feel-my heart breaks for you ((((((big hug)))))))) I am so sorry for such a terrible loss.






    terrac-yes I do, but this today and tomorrow I will be getting up earlier than when I normally temp so I don’t know if will count or not….



    so am i, i have invested in pre seed this month


    Thanks MONSTA!!!!! me and you babe!



    good morning ladies, 12 dpo and I got the faintest of faint lines on an hpt this morning


    crazyfornumber3~~ o i lied one of my gal friend knows but she does the same crap. Whe i told her i has been 4 months( 3 months ago) she was like what i would have gotten preg 5 times by now!! Im like Whatever!! ugh but what makes me mad is she is 18 with 3 kids yes THREE!!!! She is a family friend so i saty nice lol!



    Kiwi – I’ll be right over! Love – Yep…he’ll be 15 months soon. I’ll probably wean him around 18 months. He doesn’t seem ready quite yet…..neither am I.



    Hi everyone, Im 9days late for my period but this will be my second period since i had my implant removed. My partner and i are trying for a baby so not using any protection. I have been getting stomach cramps like im going to start my period but they have stopped now, im sooooo tired its untrue and i have totally gone off tea and coffee which is not like me at all. My breasts are not sore but i am more awear of them if that makes sence.. they are more sensitive and i cant stand my nipples being touched. Not sleeping too good either. Been feeling very sick if i dont eat something and have been sick in the evenings before i go to bed. We are going to do a test tonight and find out but just want your opinions….?



    butrflie – I always feel that way too. I try to psych myself out that I know it will be negative, that I’m just confirming the negative I already know it will be, etc. It doesn’t help much. I’m still disappointed with every bfn no matter how much I ‘know’ it will be negative.


    k well I think I am going to hold out till the Wed13th for a BFP … if I dont get one will test again Saturday the 16th if AF doesn’t show her UGLY face on Friday….!



    ecstatic, some gals here have had faint BFP’s at 8 DPO, technically thats just over three weeks pregnant!!



    newmama- hostile cervical mucus is when it is too thick to allow sperm to penetrate the cervix, thereby preventing conception. One way to counteract hostile mucus is to use a lubricant that will create a more favorable environment. Pre-Seed is the only lubricant on the market that has proven to counteract the hostile mucus problem AND is not harmful to sperm. Another way to help the hostile cervical mucus problem is to take guaifenesin. Guaifenesin is the active ingredient in Robitussin, and over the counter cough medicine in the US.

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