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    11 dpo now. Looking for some stories of hope LOL. I don’t have any major symptoms. A ‘little’ nauseous this morning, but nothing major. Woke up past 2 mornings really hot! I don’t temp, but have had 3 episodes in last 2 days where I have woken with terrible hot flushes, from head to toe! My thermometer is broken so can’t check. Minor cramping going on throughout day. Hoping someone might share a story that will give me hope a bfp is on the horizon. Its funny but last month when i got bfn, I had a ‘tonne’ of symptoms going on LOl, this month not much at all. Testing in 3 days, but looking for some hope.



    Has anyone heard of monavie? I’m just curious as to your opinions…its a juice ‘wellness’ company. This is not TTC related.



    Cleo-It’s okay hun. This is an exciting time! Enjoy the appointment as much as you can!



    Also I have had some headaches over the last few days are these associated with ovulation xx






    Woohoo!! The little kicks I swore I was hearing suddenly became strong enough to light up the monitor. There is DEFINITELY a baby in there! And I know I conceived back in November, putting my EDD at August 8th. I have a consultation with my doctor on Monday and we’re going to get on the ultrasound. I KNEW I should have trusted my insticts a long time ago. I’m sooo excited! Baby dust to all!



    If you’re having these feeling of worry, maybe it’s best to give it a cycle for you to feel more ‘ready’ mentally and physically.



    babyblue im cycle day 15 so dont know when i ovulated or anything x just kinda hoping for the best im due af nov 11/12th so will know soon enough the waiting game starts now xx



    the CSR was a total doorknob, and just said not to read it after 10 minutes, period. when she asked where I was calling from, I said Montreal..and she got all quiet..she had to look thru some papers to figure out its in Quebec Canada lol



    So funny about telling eachother everything on here. The other day I was writing on here and OH wanted to know what BD meant. So I told him. He looked at me in shock and said You tell them whe we had Sex??? I just laughed. Yea, and???



    Lol @ trying….i had the big O the last time me and hubby BD before he left! Im hoping it did the trick 😉


    Roise~~ when are you testing? I’m still having the pain in my chest. I think its gas cause I’m pretty sure my heart is healthy lol. I was emotional today cryin and getting mad over stupid things. But that’s also a sign of af for me but we’ll see come te 3rd or the 2nd if I get a bfp.


    haha you actually helped me. But it still tries and auto focus so they look blurry I can try and upload them but I doubt you’ll make them out! 😀


    Ugh i have so many mixed emotins, I go from feeling pregnant to feeling like om out this month!!! Im cramping weird again today. It goes from normal cramping to weird cramping ugh!!! Testing on the 2nd!



    LiseyB — ur not the only one dealing with a long cycle! im on CD 52! i know its crazy! its like ur body knows ur ttc but it wont let you! id give anything (almost) for AF to come just so i can start a new cycle and get on with it! i hate this!!! i wasnt under any stress until i hit CD42! now i decided to call my dr tomarrow

Viewing 15 posts - 12,136 through 12,150 (of 131,346 total)

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