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    So sorry chasitiy!!!! I hope you are ok.



    Wanting– Sounds like you may get your BFP! Why aren’t you going to test earlier than Friday? Good luch hun! Let us know what happens!



    LOOPYLOU-It all depends how quickly your body starts producing large enough quantities of hcg. You are now 2 days after that so I would think you should be able to test. Just don’t be discouraged if you do get a bfn because it is still early and your chart is amazing!!!!


    Ashes~Is~TTC -Ive never had one but I hear that you do bleed pretty bad when its removed, Whether its your AF or not I have no clue… Sorry =(



    Hi ladies,how are we all?? I was a member of this site when i was pregnant with my 19 month old daughter but deleted my profile 3 months ago.. My Fiancee & I have been trying for our 2nd bubs for 10 month now,with no such luck!My doctor tested my hormone levels this week a said that my progestron level is 0.4% & that the normal % is 5%!! i am booked in for a pelvic ultrasound on Monday.. my question is this! Does eny of you ladies suffer from a low progestron level & if so can it be fixed & if so what can be done to fix it?? I also have no idea what my chances are of ever concieving with a low progestron level? Any info or insite would be very much appreciated,thankyou! 🙂



    wow i missed a ton!! Thanks for filling me in Bizie!! I think maybe I’ll just unplug my phone and spend the rest of the day here lol


    gabstargh.. you can use whatever method you like, its noone else business what you do to try and have a baby.. my mum said i was stupid for using opks and did the whole ‘ive have 5 kids and never used anything but sex to get pregnant’ but if it works for u then use it i say!!!



    same picture of my DD as on my page here wanna!!



    @ sunflower-really? That’s so cool that we are all TTC again! I am still breastfeeding and so I haven’t got AF yet, but I am being to wean him, so here’s praying everything will start up again. Just started taking vitex last week.



    chrissi, i kno when our body detect something wrong about the baby it will dispose it. i was very sad when i had a mc and even though it was kinda my fault i understand that i rather have a healthy baby then having a sick baby. it’s not for me but i would not want to see my baby being sick all teh time. life is hard enough. as for the dr. maybe she should switch and start fresh anyway.


    OH and I bought 180 ph strips, just because they were cheap and I wanted them for when I am pregnant to check and see if my water is leaking because I’ve had problems in the past. Is there any uses for them while TTC too? Not sure I’ll need 180 haha



    There’s a blood drive here today, if i’m TTC should I give blood? I’m O neg, so i’m the universal donor and everyone is trying to get me to donate but I don’t want to create a blip in my TTC



    @ LKDream Good Luck @ Loopy have a fab hols fingers crossed you get your BFP and your youngest avoids the pox til after your hols. @smashley I tested this morning to and got a BFN i’m only 10 dpo but think my head and heart was trying to talk my eyes into seeing a faint line it was like one mins I saw it and the next it was gone, I’ve even checked it several times over the course of the morning and its still neg (plus I know you can’t trust tests after 10 mins) roll on Sun/Mon when AF is due at least I will know for defo whether I’m in or out this month, think the not knowing and waiting can feel worse than getting bad results sometimes. ***baby dust to all**



    momof2 – I dont know how you manage on your phone! that’s a lot of texting, I know my fingers would be cramped to the max, I get tired texting ‘be home soon’ 🙂 Anyway, enjoy your shower, have a great night.



    mummy to jude- they(Dr’s) usually try to put me back on the pill! I’m like Duh I’m trying to get pregnant, not prevent it!!!!

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