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    mishoebaby- honestly my best guess is that you prolly are as far along as they measured you. I know you said you have pcos…and while i dont have pcos…i know the cycles can be odd and/or off…also with you only getting a FAINT positive 4 weeks after a missed period makes me think your cycle was somehow off. i measured 3 weeks small with my daughter the whole time and she came out a 6lb baby.(she was also 3 weeks late lol…so i think it had something to do with measuring small) as long as the drs think everything looks fine and you are feeling ok id try to relax some…sometimes our cycles can do funny/strange things…especially if you’ve been under any kind of stress…hope this helps and hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!



    is it getting tough 🙂 I know I get so impatient, plus I love POAS


    alicia! 🙂 i definitely miss being on here to chat and keep up! i havent taken anymore opks even though ive been soooo tempted lol…if i had some cheapies i woulda though haha. my CM has been slightly heavier the last two days. my face has also been very broken out the last 5 or 6 days…which is odd for me because i use proactive everyday. and in spite of it…im still breaking out. Have you decided when you are going to test?



    oh and for the past 2 days ive woke up and had to go blow my nose lol.



    Maureen- sorry about your loss,and best of luck to you and yours!



    I have a question- so litterally EVERY month my boobs are sore anywhere from 5-7 days before the start of AF (therefore I will never use sore BBS as a sign of pregnancy) but AF is due in like 3 days and my boobs aren’t sore AT ALL. They seem to look a little fuller but not sore.. any reason why this could be?



    alicia- sorry, FX it is not AF!


    I’m going to take a picture of the progression from yesterday and post it. Even if ppl think its getting much lighter i would love input.



    Ughhh my OBGYN cant see me til Nov 21st…I wish it was sooner!!! But maybe I shouldnt have waited so long to make an appt…thats my fault!



    thanks for the lovely bday wishes ladies! 🙂 and cherry i know what u mean lol i have felt that before!



    who can be my cycle buddies? im on cd 12


    Diane–my OB wants me in sometime before noon to do a blood draw just to be sure



    Liam – Boo I hope you get your positive before he goes away!!! LadyA – Best of luck to you!!! What a stressful situation!!



    i live in michigan and its 11:21pm here. fair- thas ok! i was just curious. i love ya girls! your my homies haha



    frenchie23- i divorced my 1st husband because of games. But he never got off of them. It was video games all night and all day. I would go to work and he would be sitting there playing, then id come home and he was still there and my kids in dirty diapers and hungry! So i understand!

Viewing 15 posts - 121,576 through 121,590 (of 131,346 total)

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